Ashley Simpson Nose Job – When & What

Trying to find information about celebrity nose jobs? Read on to find out about the Ashley Simpson nose job.

Who is Ashley Simpson?

Ashley Nicole Simpson is an American born actress cum songwriter-singer who is famous for:

The Ashley Simpson Rhinoplasty

  • Her debut music album “Autobiography”, “Bittersweet world”
  • Television reality show “The Ashley Simpson Show”
  • A few film and theatre appearances

Although a good actress, more than her films and television series she is most recognized for her music.

When did Ashley Simpson Get Rhinoplasty?

Ashley Simpson nose changed in May 2006 right after she returned from hosting the “MTV Australian Music Video Awards”. Initially after the rhinoplasty, Ashley Simpson like other celebrity nose jobs refused to accept that she had gone under the knife. But after a while she accepted that the Ashley Simpson nose job was indeed true.

Celebrity Nose Jobs – The Before & After

Ashley Simpson Nose Job- Before and After

Ashley Simpson underwent a nose job to remove the “bump” from her nose. In the picture of her before the nose job it is clearly visible that her nose is a bit big and has a bump in the middle. While she was still quite beautiful, after the nose job her nose was made sleeker and smoother than before, this resulted in her beauty increasing by quite a bit. The end product of the Ashley Simpson nose job is a great looking nose which perfectly complements her face. But now in 2011, her nose is growing back to its original shape. Only time will tell if she will undergo surgery again to correct it.




Author: Perumal G.

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