Male Rhinoplasty Helps You Achieve a More Masculine Look

Rhinplasty or a nose job is a common surgical procedure performed on both women and men for various reasons. As a cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty is more sought after for aesthetic enhancement, giving nose a shape that enhances overall appearance of a patient. However, other than aesthetic enhancement, rhinoplasty is also performed for health issues, such as saddle nose, deviated septum, or to repair nasal trauma. Whether it’s a male rhinoplasty or female nose job, acquired for health purposes or cosmetic reasons, the aesthetic results are always important.

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Difference between Female and Male Rhinoplasty


Men and women differ in their facial structures and so is the procedure of reshaping their noses. A man’s face is relatively longer and wider than a woman’s face. Their features are squarer and have sharp edges in the areas such as cranium and jaw, whereas, women tend to have softer features, thin structure and rounder edges. Since every face is unique in itself, due diligence and care is required when crafting perfect nose shape for either man or a woman.

How a Rhinoplasty Surgeon properly approach the Difference?

Experienced rhinoplasty surgeon knows the difference very well–a nose shape that looks good on a female face might not give the same appeal to a man’s face, and vice versa. For example, a female face look normal with a large nose but this is not always true for a male face just because of the difference in basic facial structure. A good surgeon understands these basic differences in female vs. male facial appearances and acknowledges different methods of re-shaping the nose that enhances aesthetic appeal of the face.

Why Men Avoid A Nose Job To The Maximum?

Generally, men avoid a nose job as much as possible. There are various reasons including a misconception that a nose job is a purely cosmetic procedure and they are men, they don’t need a perfect facial feature and can manage with a slight misaligned nose to avoid invasive surgery. Another fear they have is—what if the surgery resulted in overly feminized nose? They imagine a nose job might give them a delicate and soft nose shape that may be considered an attractive nose, but too womanly in the context of man’s rough and masculine features.

They Are Building the Perfect Face

Male Rhinoplasty Enhances Masculine Facial Features

Rhinoplasty surgeons understand how to combine the best nose shape with rest of the facial feature of a patient. A reshaped nose should flow in accord with the various contour of the face. A narrow bridge and unobtrusive tip going slightly upward is considered deemed beautiful in women. But, for men the surgeon needs to think something different. Maybe a tip situated at a right angle and slightly broader width will justify a masculine facial feature. These key differences are acknowledged by the cosmetic industry as a whole. And many plastic surgeons integrate these ideas into their job and perform a male rhinoplasty keeping these key differences in mind.

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