Probiotics for Sinusitis

Sinusitis is an infection and inflammation of the sinuses. Depending on the type of sinusitis the patient is having in terms of the causative factor for the infection, there are many different types of treatment. If the sinusitis infection is caused by a bacterial infection, then antibacterial medications or antibiotics will be prescribed. If the sinusitis is caused by a viral infection, then antiviral medications will be prescribed. And in the sinusitis is caused by a fungal infection, then antifungal medications will be prescribed.


Probiotics for Sinusitis

Bacterial sinusitis is one of the most common types of sinusitis infection. As mentioned above, antibacterial medications are used to treat bacterial sinusitis. However, antibacterial medications can commonly cause uncomfortable side effects as it kills harmful bacteria as well as those helpful/good bacteria. There are supplements that can help the body in regaining all its lost helpful/good bacteria, thus helping the body return to its balance, known as probiotics.

Significance of Probiotics

Just like mentioned above, probiotics is very important in restoring the normal balance of good bacteria in the body, especially when the number of good bacteria in the body’s decreased due to the intake of antibacterial medications. Probiotics counteract negative and uncomfortable side effects of antibacterial medications.

Function of Probiotics

Aside from helping the body in restoring the normal balance of good bacteria and counteracting the negative and uncomfortable side effects of antibacterial medications, probiotics can also help in boosting the immune system. For people who are suffering from sinusitis infection, having a strong immune system can help in healing and fighting the sinus infection more effectively and faster. A strong immune system will not just help in treating the current sinus infection, it will also help in preventing development of other medical disorders.

Misconceptions of Probiotics in Sinus Infection

It is a very common misconception that probiotics cure or treat sinus infections. Before taking probiotics, people should understand that probiotics can’t cure any infection, but probiotics help the body in fighting off the current infection and it can help in boosting the immune system.

Warning When Taking Probiotics

Probiotics have not been scientifically tested for safety for people who have compromised immune systems or those people who have weak immune systems. Before taking any probiotics, it will be safe to ask the doctor first if you can take probiotics and it will not produce and negative side effects to your current medical condition.

Author: M.L.G

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