Headaches Triggered by a Deviated Septum

A deviated septum can cause two types of headaches.

Different types of headaches can be triggered by a deviated septum based on the amount of deviation and your general fitness.

The nasal septum’s main function is to divide the nose into two equal halves to allow for optimum and smooth flow of air into the lungs. If you suffer any trauma to the nose in an accident then your nasal septum may shift from the midline and become deviated. A deviated septum will not allow for smooth breathing of air.

Connection between a Deviated Septum and Headaches

Headaches being triggered due to a Deviated Septum?

One of the main side effects of having a deviated septum is headaches. While you may also suffer from other symptoms, headaches are, after a congested nose, one of the most common symptoms. A deviated septum can cause two types of headaches:

  • Sinus related headaches
  • Migraine headaches

Of the above two, headaches due to sinus infection are more common. Rarely, migraines can also occur.

How does Deviated Septum Cause Headaches?

A deviated nasal septum can cause headaches in the following ways:

  1. Sinus headaches: A deviated septum will prevent the drainage of the nasal cavity and also blocks the mucus inside the nasal cavity. This makes it easier to get a sinus infection. The sinus infection will cause a major headache. The deviated septum unless corrected by surgery will cause the sinus infection to reoccur again and again, thus you will suffer from a headache many times.
  2. Migraine headaches: This type of headache occurs very rarely and has been documented only a few times. Migraine headaches due to a deviated septum, while rare, are very painful. This type of headache usually occurs in only one side of your face i.e. the same side where your septum is deviated. Source is Drs Young and Silberstein (doctors who wrote the book Migraines and other Headaches).

If you have been diagnosed with a deviated septum and are also suffering from frequent headaches, contact your doctor for treatment. Maybe your headaches are triggered by the deviated septum.

Author: Perumal G.

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