What is a Deviated Septum?

Did you hear the words “Deviated Septum”, and are wondering what exactly it is, then by the time you finish reading this article, you will know the basics of this condition which is quite common.

Definition of a Deviated Septum

Difference Between a Normal and Deviated Septum


A deviated septum is defined as the deviation of the nasal septum because of which the nostrils are separated  into two unequal halves. Ideally speaking, the nasal septum should remain right at the centre of the nose, separate both nostrils equally.

But in most people, the nasal septum will be deviated to one side of the nose. Mostly the deviation will only be minor, causing no problems and thus requiring no treatment. However in some people, the deviation will be extreme or severely displaced. This will make one of the nasal passageways smaller in size and cause congestion.

This condition occurs due to a variety of different reasons, from accidents to brith defects. While the exact cause of the condition may not be predicted, the condition is relatively easy to diagnose. Additionally after diagnosis, treatment is simple and fast.

Scientific Definition of what is a Deviated Septum:

Harmony and balance are of paramount importance in nature, this is the reason most of our body parts and organs are divided into two equal halves. If the nostrils are equally shaped, then no side effect will occur and the nose will function is perfect condition. Every nose is made up of cartilage and bone together known as the septum. A septum is defined as a wall which separates or divides a structure into smaller parts. The nasal septum is a cartilage whose sole function is to separate the nasal airway into equal left and right halves.

Must a Deviated Septum be treated?

As long as the septum is not extremely deviated, there is no requirement for treatment. However if the deviation is severe, then it will cause conditions such as:

  • Nose-Bleeds
  • Severe Headaches
  • Recurring Sinus Infections
  • Extreme Nasal Congestion

If you regularly face any of the above conditions then you may be forced to take up treatment for your Deviated Septum. Currently the best treatment available is septoplasty, which is a surgical cure for this condition. While the conditions caused by a deviated septum can be cures by non-surgical means, as of today no non-surgical cure is available for this condition which can set the deviation normal. Hopefully this article would have answered your questions on what is a deviated septum.

Author: Perumal G.

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