Yoga Poses For Deviated Nasal Septum

Whether it comes to deviated septum cost or treatment, every sufferer wants the best outcomes. Deviated Septum is a condition in which one side of the nose is wider and other is narrower as compared to normal. This affect the airflow pattern in the nose and sometime it blocks the narrow passage of the nose. There are different reasons of deviated Septum, it can be caused due to some injury or by birth, causing trauma in many cases.  Certainly, this is a quite uncomfortable condition that may cause numerous breathing problems.

Natural and Effective Treatment for Deviated Nasal Septum

Those who are suffering from Deviated Nasal Septum look for effective measures of treatment. One of the most natural and effective treatment is the ancient art form ‘Yoga.’ According to the purists, there are numerous Yoga Poses to comfort the breathing issue.



Sarvangasana, is a full shoulder stand, carried out with a blanket placed under the person. Now lay on your back, fold your legs in the air, and use your arm and hands to support your back. Afterwards, lift your torso in the air by forming a 90 degree angle at your shoulders between your body and the ground. Hold yourself with this pose for at least 30 Sec and take a long and control breath, holding each breath for 5 seconds minimum. Now fold your legs back down and now roll against your back.


Another Yoga posture is Simhasana, which is also called Lion’s pose. This posture can be performed in two ways, either cross legged or in vertical thunderbolt position. Place your hands on the knees or the ground in front of you, fingers splayed since the claws of the lion, lean the torso forward as far as you can easily. Your jaw needs to be stretched open with your tongue extended downward, inhaling so long as feasible prior to relaxing. While normally employed to treat an upset neck, this creates can equally improve sinuses.

The Breath of Fire

This yoga breathing technique is quite effective and efficient. This has been used for many centuries for generating heat and purifies the body. For this, you have to breathe out completely by removing all the air from the lungs. Now draw small breaths at once snapping it drop out with your abdominal muscles. Repeat this process for 20 times for effective results.

Deviated Septum Cost

Though, the deviated septum cost generally depends on three different factors- Fees of Anesthesia doctor, operating room fee and the surgeon’s fee. However, when it comes to treatment of a Deviated Septum through Yoga, you just have to pay the nominal fees for the class, ensuring the effective results. Certainly, there are many rhinoplasty pros and cons, so it is suggested to take assistance of expert you can briefly describe you about the best treatment effective for you.

Breath of Fire

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