Penelope Cruz Nose Job

Trying to find information about celebrity nose jobs? Read on to find out about the Penelope Cruz nose job.

Who is Penelope Cruz?

Penelope Cruz (Penelope Cruz Sanchez) is a Spanish actress who has been acting since the age of 16 on many television shows and films. Born in Madrid, Spain to a hairdresser mother (who then became her personal manager) and a mechanic father, she spent most of her childhood in Alcobendas a town in Madrid.

Initially she trained to be a dancer and learned classical ballet for many years. But her breakthrough into acting started when she was 15 (she won a role for staring in a music video). From that first video, she has acted in many films such as:

  • Open Your Eyes
  • The Girl of Your Dreams
  • Woman on Top

Thanks to her roles in the above and many other films, she is famous worldwide and has won numerous awards both in Spain and in America. Other than acting, thanks to her stunning looks she has also modeled for many fashion companies and spent a lot of time and money on charity work.

Did Penelope Cruz Get Rhinoplasty?

Maybe, the Penelope Cruz nose job may be true and it may also be just a rumor. While her nose is picture perfect, one which is the usual end product of the many celebrity nose jobs done every year i.e. perfectly thin in the bridge and small and pointy towards the ending, in truth her nose may be a gift from Mother Nature and not a result of a rhinoplasty. But as of now no conclusive proof exists which can prove a nose job.

Celebrity Nose Jobs – The Penelope Cruz Nose Job

The Penelope Cruz Nose Job - Before and After

As stated before, the Penelope Cruz nose job may be true or it may just be a rumor. If she did get a nose job it would have had to be been before she started acting (but the chances of this happening are very slim since she started acting at the age of 15, and rhinoplasty is not done on teenagers). The evidence points to her nose being a product of perfect genes and not plastic surgery. While it may never be proved and rumors will continue to fly, I think that unlike many other celebrity nose jobs the Penelope Cruz nose job is truly false.

Author: Perumal G.

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