Keri Hilson Nose Job

Trying to find information about celebrity nose jobs? Read on to find out about the Keri Hilson nose job.

Who is Keri Hilson?

Keri Hilson (Keri Lynn Hilson) born in Georgia and raised there itself. With an early interest in singing thanks to many reality shows such as “Star Search”, she began to plot her career as a future singer when she was a small kid itself. With encouragement from her mother who hired teachers to help her, she began singing and composing. The rest is history, today she is a famous and successful songwriter, composer and singer who has a number of hits and collaborations to her name.

Did Keri Hilson Get Rhinoplasty?

Yes, the Keri Hilson nose job is true. But unlike other celebrity nose jobs whose end product suits the faces of the owners better than the old nose in this case Ms. Hilson’s old nose suited her better (according to me). But some people think that the new slim nose suits her better than her original nose which was a little bit bulbous towards the ending. So take a look at the pictures yourself and decide if the original nose was better than the new nose.

Celebrity Nose Jobs – Keri Hilson Nose Job

The Keri Hilson Nose Job- Before and After

The pictures of her from a few years back and now clearly show that she has gotten plastic surgery to change the shape of her nose i.e. rhinoplasty. In the surgery, she has gotten the surgeon to make her nose smaller and made her nose tip more petite.  The end result is a nose which resembles all the other noses of Hollywood i.e. small, refined, and smooth. I cannot decide if the new nose suits her or not, so make your own decisions by viewing the picture in the side.

Author: Perumal G.

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