Natural Cures for Nasal Blockage

There are a lot of different reasons for nasal blockage. Treatments or remedies for nasal blockage will greatly depend on the exact causative factor. There are 2 major types of treatments for nasal blockage, the medical treatment and the surgical treatment. When your nasal blockage is in need to undergo surgical treatment just for your nasal breathing to improve, then most likely, the cause of your nasal blockage is a deviated septum (deviation of the nasal septum) or other anatomical abnormalities in the internal structures of your nose. If the cause of the nasal blockage is deviated septum, a septoplasty (a surgery specifically for deviated septum) will be needed to be performed.

Natural Cures for Nasal Blockage

Natural cures for nasal blockage will be very effective if the cause of the nasal blockage does not have anything to do with anatomical abnormalities. If the cause of your nasal blockage is an allergic reaction due to an inhalation of allergens, then natural cures for nasal blockage can be used. Aside from inhaling allergens, too cold weathers and sinus infection or sinusitis can also cause nasal blockage. However, even though natural cures for nasal blockage do not involve any pharmacological treatments, it is very important to first consult your doctor if those natural cures are safe to use according to your present physical condition.

Menthol Oil for Nasal Blockage

If the cause of your nasal blockage is nasal congestion, using menthol oil can help in decongestion of your nasal passages. Aside from decongestion, menthol oil also has antiseptic and anesthetic properties that also be helpful in other conditions, not just nasal blockage. Menthol oils for decongestion are usually in nasal inhaler preparations. Once you inhale using the menthol oil nasal inhaler, sinus mucus will then drain from the nasal passages, thus relieving nasal congestion.

Prevent Nasal Blockage

There are precautions that can be done to prevent nasal blockage caused by nasal congestion. The most effective and best preventive measure that can help in preventing nasal blockage is through maintaining the air you and your whole family breathe clean. If you are very sensitive to outdoor pollution, then if possible, stay indoors most of the time and if you really need to go outdoors, maybe you can wear a mask to protect you from inhaling allergens. And if you are mostly spending time indoors, keep an air humidifier running so that the air you breathe will not be very dry.

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