Chronic Sinusitis And Asthma

Medical evidences show that chronic sinusitis and asthma go together. Records of patients who have been diagnosed with moderate to severe asthma also suffer chronic sinusitis. However, this does not mean that these illnesses are inseparable. There are certain degrees in sinusitis that does not result to asthma and vice-versa.

For people who are suffering from both diseases, the situation is quiet unbearable. There are tough health situations wherein you can experience as if you just want to give up. When these heath conditions strike, discomfort, irritability, pain, and all indescribable ailments are expected. Some sufferers say that both illnesses are incurable. Many claim that these chronic respiratory conditions can have remedies with proper nutrition and medical approaches. The good thing about asthma being related to sinusitis is that when one is cured, the other also is affected.

What Is Asthma?

Chronic Sinusitis And Asthma Both Are Respiratory Illnesses

Asthma is a long-term lung disease that is characterized by obstruction of airways. All people can acquire this chronic inflammatory disease in all ages. There are many symptoms of asthma attack, which may vary from one person to another depending on the environment, lifestyle, and the genetic background. One that triggers most asthmatic attack is allergy. A person with this kind of respiratory complications should be conscious on his daily activities because wrong moves may cause unwanted complications.

What Is Sinusitis?

This is sinus infection with manifestation of inflamed sinus membranes. The main causes of sinusitis are infection, allergy, or autoimmune disease. This ailment would make you very sensitive on whatever small particles on your surroundings because even dust can trigger sinusitis. A person who suffers these nasal infections usually has headaches, pains, irritations, and discomforts.

How These Two Diseases Are Related?

It should never be a question why asthma and sinusitis are related because it is obvious that both are respiratory illnesses. Severe levels of infections on either of the two cause a person to really feel so ill and need the help of medical professionals. Study shows that women are more prone to suffer sinusitis accompanied with asthma. When chronic sinusitis occurs along with asthma, a person could hardly breathe and without proper and immediate medical assistance, the respiratory attack may lead to death.

This calls attention to all people because even kids can suffer asthma and at the same time sinusitis. Consulting a doctor would be the best way in order to get the proper medication.

How To Treat Both Simultaneously

Treating both the sinusitis and asthma is nearly possible because of the idea that when sinusitis is treated, the asthmatic symptoms are also reduces. Three of the most common cures include:

1) Using nasal sprays to reduce the swelling of those inflamed sinuses. These would allow the mucus to drain and would result in much less pressure. Headaches can be treated this way.

2) Antihistamine medicines are ideal to use since both sinusitis and asthma attacks are triggered with allergies.

3) You can avoid discomforts by using painkillers. This might not be necessary and will not cure the illnesses but at least would help to alleviate the pains and irritabilities.

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