Alexa Ray Joel Nose Job – Before & After

Trying to find information on celebrity nose jobs? Read on to find out about the Alexa Ray Joel nose job.

Who is Alexa Ray Joel?

The only daughter of the world famous Billy Joel (song writer/ singer) and Christie Brinklie (supermodel) Alexa Ray Joel is herself an accomplished singer known around the US for her many individual songs and regular music concert appearances. Her debut album (although she prefers to call it as a demo) was entirely composed, written and sung by herself to prove that she had the talent to succeed in the industry without the help of her father. Either way she has appeared in a number of shows such as:

  • The Stone Pony
  • A live show in Maxwell’s
  • A tour to perform shows in Hard Rock Cafes around the US

When did the Alexa Ray Joel Rhinoplasty Happen?

Unlike a majority of other celebrity nose jobs, Alexa Ray Joel accepts that the nose job happened and talks freely about it. The Alexa Ray Joel rhinoplasty occurred in 2010, she herself accepts in people magazine that:

  • She was planning on getting the nose job for years
  • She was always self conscious of pictures taken from the side

Due to the above reasons she went under the knife and got plastic surgery done. But she asserts that the nose job will be her first and last foray into plastic surgery.

Celebrity Nose Jobs – Alexa Ray Joel Nose Job Before & After

The Alexa Ray Joel Nose Job -Before and After

While her true nose was a result of her father’s genes, it was a bit curved from the stem to end. After the Alexa Ray Joel nose job, the shaft has been trimmed to remove the excess curvature and at the same time her nose has been made smaller to give it a cuter, sophisticated and Hollywood look. While you may assume that her surgery was pure rhinoplasty, in truth it was a septorhinoplasty since she suffered from a deviated septum as well. But at the end of the day her new nose truly compliments her face and makes her look a little bit more like her supermodel mother.

Author: Perumal G.

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