Septorhinoplasty Procedure, Uses & Recovery

A Septorhinoplasty will allow you to both cure your deviated septum and simultaneously improve the aesthetics of your nose. If you suffer from a deviated septum, based on severity of the condition, it will cause many problems such as:

  • Nose bleeds
  • Recurring sinus problems
  • Snoring
  • Severe congestion

When you visit a doctor, he or she will suggest a septoplasty as a permanent cure for it. Rather than select this option, you have another choice of a septorhinoplasty. This will save you time, money and pain since two surgeries will be clubbed into one.

What is Septoplasty?

A septoplasty is a surgery wherein the deviation of your septum will be cut off and removed. This will clear your nasal passageway and this in turn will cure all of your symptoms.

What is a Rhinoplasty?

This is a surgery which will be done to improve the aesthetics of your nose or in other words it will improve the appearance of your nose.


Septorhinoplasty is a combination of both rhinoplasty and septoplasty. In this surgery, your surgeon will first remove the deviated septum and then follow it by shaping your nose to make it more appealing. The procedure involves:

  • First general anaesthesia will be induced
  • Your surgeon will follow this by making an incision on your nose
  • He will then cut off the deviated septum and align it to the centre
  • After this he will shape the outside of your nose according to the predetermined plan
  • Then your surgeon will use sutures to close the incisions
  • Finally packing material will be used to support the nose

Septorhinoplasty Uses and Advantages

Septorhinoplasty will in one go cure your deviated septum and make your nose more appealing. The major advantage of this procedure is:

  • No need of two separate surgeries

If you plan on undergoing both procedures, then this will be a better option for you. In one go, you will have the benefits of both. Additionally you will have to recover from one surgery alone.

Recovery from Septorhinoplasty

Before & After a Septorhinoplasty

  • Following the surgery, you will have to wear a splint on your nose for a minimum of a week
  • The number of activities you can do will be limited for the first two weeks following surgery
  • Also, you will notice some amount of discolouration and swelling on your nose
  • It will take a few weeks for you to completely recover from the surgery

You will be able to breathe free and enjoy your aesthetic nose, after a few weeks of recovery from septorhinoplasty.

Author: Perumal G.

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