5 Minute No Surgery Nose Job

5 minute no surgery nose job is a soft tissue injection process that is particularly designed to create a more balanced, shapely and attractive shape to the nasofacial proportion and nose. This enhanced shape of nose is achieved through the soft tissue filler injection into accurate locations in order to create the shape, contours and angles that were compromised or absent. As per its name ‘5 minutes Nose Job’ it is an injectable Rhinoplasty.

Process of 5 Minute No Surgery Nose Job

In the process, the doctor will deliver some local anesthesia. However, injecting the local anesthesia can be quite uncomfortable, but it makes your “5 minute nose job” painless. After anesthesia is given to the nose, the soft tissues filler is then injected to such areas of the nose that will provide enhance nasal shape and contour. For the first 24 hours, small support tapes may be placed on the nose. The pain of the post treatment is modest. Swelling and bruising can be nominal to modest. Though, you can see a better change in your nose, but there is a slight degree of bruising and modest from 24 hours to 48 hours. Most of the patients can get back to work the very next day. All it depends on the gel that is used to inject the nose and the result can be last up to a year. You can go for another 5 minute nose job or proceed to a surgical nose job if required.

No Surgery Nose Job

Kinds Of Nose Job That Can Be Treated With “5 Minute Nose Job’

The different kinds of nose conditions that can be treated with this procedure are

  • Retracted Columella
  • Hanging Columella
  • Bifed Tips
  • Wide Nostrils
  • Crooked Noses
  • Pinched Tips
  • Wide noses
  • Bulbous Tips
  • Scooped Out Bridges
  • Bridge Bumps

Is 5 Minutes Nose Job a Safe Procedure?

Many of you must be wondering if this procedure is safe or have some non surgical nose job risks.Well! This surgery is safe and secure, though, you will experience some bruising, swelling, allergic reaction, infection or asymmetry. You may feel lumpiness but it is palpable, deep and cannot be seen. This could be corrected by simple massage.

Injection Rhinoplasty is not Permanent

Known as injection Rhinoplasty, 5-Minute Nose Job is not a permanent but can last up to 2 years. The cost of the surgery varies between surgeons and clinics. When going for the treatment, it is important to get services of expert surgeon who have executed the surgery before. However, it is important to get the best assistance and know all the pros and cons of the procedure before going for the 5 minute no surgery nose job.

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