What Are Some Psychological Effects of A Nose Job?

How many of you have problem with your nose? Are you considering rhinoplasty? However, rhinoplasty recovery takes time but results are quite profound. The reasons other than the breathing issue why people choose rhinoplasty is to change the shape and the size of their nose and to gain some self-confidence.

Unhappy And Depressed After Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Recovery

While you are thinking of getting a nose job done you need to be aware of the fact that, though many patients experience positive emotions and a sense of relief, there are fair chances you might not experience the same. This is not because surgery causes you negative side effects but because you undergo a lot of stress and anxiety prior and post surgery. The most obvious negative effect of a nose job is that you get depressed for some time. It is believed that, although, rhinoplasty is not a painful procedure still it causes some level of discomfort to the body. Often some patients feel as they are having cold for a while, they also sometimes have mild to severe constipation that make them feel worse.

Expectation Of A Perfect Nose

The second most common reason why they feel down after a rhinoplasty surgery is because they, for a nose job, are having a wrong expectation of getting the perfect nose and post surgery when they discover that they have not achieved that perfect look, they find themselves in misery and wonder why they had a rhinoplasty in the first place. During the consultation surgeon should tell the patient about the limits of the rhinoplasty. Patient sometimes feel stressed because the effects of the surgery do not come obvious immediately and there will be lot of bruising and swelling of the nose after the surgery. If you also feel nervous for the same you need to understand that in time as the repairing process gets further you will experience a lot of change in your appearance and you must not let the first few months of nhinoplasty recovery make you feel discouraged about your nose.

Problematic Situation For Naturally Active Person

It is more problematic to those who are naturally active; they feel down initial few weeks. This is because during the healing process you need to stay away from all the strenuous exercise and if you still indulge in a lot of exercise the rhinoplasty recovery period can be more difficult and make you feel distressed. The problem further expands by the sleeping postures of head up. A slightly titled head can be painful for some people which ultimately lead to bad night sleep and irritability ultimately.

Final Word

Regardless of these negative effects, however, there are patients who do not feel depressed at all, and if you feel down having some signs of bad nose job in first few weeks, you need to understand that healing process will complete in its due course and once it is over the visual changes will begin to show off. You can start your exercise routine ones again and with that the feeling of depression will erase off from your mind.

Author: A.M.

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