Jennifer Aniston Nose Job – The First and the Second

Trying to find information about celebrity nose jobs? Read on to find out about the Jennifer Aniston nose job.

Who is Jennifer Aniston?

Jennifer Joanna Aniston is an American actress cum television actor who also produces and directs films. She is famous for:

  •  Her Films “Marley and Me”, “Bruce Almighty”, and many other films
  • A few music video appearances along with television advertisements
  • But she is most famous for playing the role of Rachel Green in the hit television series “Friends”

For her many roles, she has won many prestigious awards.

When did Jennifer Aniston Get Rhinoplasty?

The Jennifer Aniston nose job happened twice. Once during the nineties and then again a few years back in 2007.  She underwent the second surgery because she was not happy with the results of the first nose job. Although she claims that she only underwent surgery the second time to treat her deviated septum, the pictures clearly show that the basic structure of her nose has changed.

Celebrity Nose Jobs – Jennifer Aniston Nose Job Before & After

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job- Before and After

The First Nose Job: Jennifer underwent the first procedure in the nineties when she was suffering from a deviated nasal septum. At the time while her deviated septum was corrected, she also changed the shape of her nose to make it look better i.e. she underwent a septorhinoplasty. While the end product was a nose which suited her, she hated the results and thought the nose to be too wide for her face.

The Second Nose Job: Ever since the first nose job she had wanted to change the shape of her nose. Finally in January 2007 she decided to undergo surgery again. While she and her agents claimed that it was to treat her deviated septum, the end product was a nose which was sleeker and smoother in appearance which made her look even more gorgeous.


Author: Perumal G.

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