The Risks of Using Nasal Silicone Implants

Asian Rhinoplasty is one of the most in-demand cosmetic procedures used among Asians. The most common material used in the procedure is Silicon. This cosmetic method is used to enhance the shape of the nose and to make it complimented to the face. However, there are some risks associated with silicon’s nasal implants.

Nasal Silicone Implants Deviation

Nasal Silicone Implants

Considering that silicone nasal implants recover through encapsulation. The entire body treats this implant to be a foreign object, which is why the body’s natural reaction is to create a pill around it. However, this is sometimes a much unfastened attachment in which any power applied around the nasal area can result in a malposition of the implant that causes deviation.

Contracture Creation and Implant Migration

You can find patients who do not develop any reaction to the implant right away, even resulting to highly good enough results in the early years. But the condition occurs once the force exerted around the hard elastic silicone implant creates pressure necrosis. Also, this procedure can lead to an inevitable migration from the implant further up, giving the patient a pig nose look.

Serious Contracture Enhancement

If contracture and the implant have not been removed immediately, it might result to serious contracture development. This can also outline a number of irregularities as well as scar tissues within the nasal link. In order to treat this difficulty, it is usually rather difficult to manage, but any grafting procedure may be accomplished to make the effect appear beautifully satisfying.

Columella Destruction

The centre part of the nose could be prone to scar formation in the event of medical procedures.  This could also open the area to infection.  A corrupted silicone implant that will remain untreated may result in the destruction from the columella. Even if the implants are actually removed, some of the residual tissues likewise have the tendency to formulate crevice-like scars either for the tip or for the bridge. That is why skin grafting techniques are essential to correct this problem.

Extrusion of The Implant

This is probably the common problems with nasal implants. As a result, implant may possibly erode your soft tissues which have the minimum resistance and that are the incision brand. This may be highly obvious, and the proper treatment is the immediate removal of the implant.

Eventual Aspiration

A silicone implant is certainly anchored too deep into the septal vertebrae that can give you the erosion from the premaxilla, more commonly known as the taste buds bone. This may be a very dangerous problem since it can give you food and saliva starting the nasal cavity which could cause eventual aspiration.

Calcium Supplements Deposits

Patients who received silicone nasal implants may perhaps remain being asymptomatic for several problems for many years. But your concern suggestions there’s growing research today which calcium crystal deposits exist in implants that have been there for way too long. The occurrence of crystals can result in nasal bridge irregularity.

When looking for nasal silicone implants, it is important to get all the details about it to make the process go smooth.

Author: A.M.

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