J Lo Nose Job – Before & After | Jennifer Lopez Nose Job

Trying to find information on celebrity nose jobs? Read on to find out about the J Lo nose job (Jennifer Lopez nose job).

Who is J Lo?

Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lynn Lopez) who also goes by the name J Lo is an award winning recording artist, actress, business woman and dancer.  Born to a kinder garden teacher mother and a computer specialist father, she spent most of her early life in New York along with two siblings. After finishing her schooling, she put herself thru dance and singing classes to somehow get into show business. While it took a lot of hard work (during the starting she was working a full time job and attending dance class and dancing in shows around night clubs in New York) she eventually succeeded and has a huge fan following. She is famous for:

  • Her many movies such as “The Wedding Planner” and “Maid of Honour”
  • Her albums such as “On the Six” and “Brave”

Did the J Lo Rhinoplasty Happen?

Yes the J Lo nose job is true. Like many other celebrity nose jobs, J Lo wanted a perfect Hollywood nose i.e. a nose which is thin at the bridge and small and pointy at the ending. While her old nose was in no way bulbous (it truly suited her face), she apparently wanted to change the shape of her nose and so she underwent surgery at the peak of her career. Thankfully like most celebrity nose jobs, her new nose suits her and makes her look sophisticated and refined.

Celebrity Nose Jobs – J Lo Nose Job Before & After

Jennifer Lopez or J Lo nose job before and after

As stated earlier, the J Lo nose job completely suits her and has given her a great looking nose. As long as she does not decide to undergo surgery again, she should be fine. While her old nose was a little bit fat in the bridge, after surgery her nose has become thinner in the bridge to give her the perfect pointy nose which most celebrities have. All in all, her nose job looks good on her face and has given her a more elegant and sophisticated face, kudos to the surgeon who performed the J Lo nose job.

Author: Perumal G.

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