Julia Roberts Nose Job – Before & After

Trying to find information on celebrity nose jobs? Read on to find out about the Julia Roberts nose job.

Who is Julia Roberts?

Julia Roberts (Julia Fiona Roberts) is an award winning actress from America. Born in Atlanta, Georgia to an actor, play writer for parents, she is by her genes a descendent of Scotland, Ireland, England, Germany and Sweden.  She spent most of her childhood in Atlanta itself, along with two siblings (an elder brother and sister). While in school she wanted to become a veterinarian, but after school she shifted to New York to pursue acting. Widely considered as one of the most beautiful woman in the globe, one of the most powerful, Julia Roberts has won many awards for her many films such as:

  • Pretty Woman
  • Oceans 11 and 12
  • Erin Brockovich

Did the Julia Roberts Rhinoplasty Happen?

Rumours about a Julia Roberts nose job started when pictures of her during her early in her career and those taken 2005 onwards showed that the shape of her nose had changed. They started mainly because she had stated that she would never undergo surgery or any artificial modifications of any kind (she wanted to grow old gracefully). But the pictures clearly show that her nose has changed, while it is possible due to loss of weight, make up. The pictures clearly show that the entire breadth of the nose, the tip has been altered; proving that the Julia Roberts nose job is true.

Celebrity Nose Jobs – Julia Roberts Nose Job

The Julia Roberts nose job before and after

As stated earlier, when before and after pictures of Julia Roberts are compared, both the breadth and tip of the nose has been altered to suit her face more. The first major change which is very visible is the width of her nose which has been lowered considerably. Secondly her nose tip has been altered to make it flow more smoothly. The end product is a more elegant and sophisticated nose (like those of other celebrity nose jobs), which completely suits her face and makes her look more beautiful.

Author: Perumal G.

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