David Charvet Nose Job

The David Charvet Nose Job - Before and After

Trying to find information about celebrity nose jobs? Read on to find out about the David Charvet nose job.

Who is David Charvet?

David Charvet (David Franck Guez) born in France to a business man father and mother. After spending his childhood years in Lyon, he started to travel around the country as a singer. In 1990 he migrated to the states with a green card and turned to acting. His big break came when he was cast to play the role of Matt Brody in the hit television series Bay Watch. After the series finished, he acted in a number of other television series and films. Finally in 1999 he quit acting to concentrate on his singing career.

Did David Charvet Get Rhinoplasty?

Yes, David Charvet nose job is true. When photos of him from now and those taken while he was acting in Baywatch are compared, the different is clearly seen. But the incentive to go under the knife is still not clear (he quite his acting job after all!, has a singing career in Europe and is married to a model!).

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As stated before, the David Charvet nose job is true and an excellent nose job. His new nose is smaller than his old nose in all forms. It has been cut short along the bridge and the ending, the end result being a more Hollywood nose. Maybe he is planning on returning to acting again and that is why he needed the nose job?

Author: Perumal G.

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