The Telltale Signs of a Bad Nose Job

How would you identify if you had a bad nose job? Rhinoplasty is the third most sought after cosmetic surgeries after liposuction and breast enhancement. It is also one of the most difficult surgeries to perform; even to best among the business are known to have up to 5 to 6 percent revision rates on a nose jobs. There may be number of factors considered for a bad nose job.

Common Characteristics Determine a Bad Nose Job.

Bad Nose Job

Bad Proportion

If your nose job is out-of-proportion, anyone can get a clear hint that you its a nose surgery recently. You may expect your new nose neither too large not too small to your remaining facial features. Ask to your rhinoplasty surgeon to go to extremes where proportion of the nose is concerned. It’s not a matter to compromise, be firm on your decision to trim your nose to bring it under a daintier size.


A bad nose job often creates irregularities on your face. As a result of rhinoplasty if the bridge of the nose gets, either too high or too low, or tip of the nose is moved too much, it make your appearance even worse. Some plastic surgeons are overconfident and use Razor sharp toothed inner blade for an overly aggressive cartilage resections that ultimately migrates the nostril rim upward. Vertical or horizontal is another very unfortunate result of a bad nose job.

Trouble Breathing

Post surgery, if it is no easier for you to breathe through your nose, this is probably again the result of a bad nose job. Chances of trouble breathing are more certain with reductive rhinoplasty. Its rhinoplasty surgeon’s responsibility to make sure that your newly constructed nose has an adequate opening from nostrils to internal passages. Unfortunately, some surgeons do it for the sake of doing, and leave behind many flaws like insufficient openings that restrict easy breathing.

Raised Nostril

One of the most common problem linked to a bad nose job is the “Pig snout” look, in which nostrils are stretched abnormally high. A good rhinoplasty surgeon knows the job and does it properly. Don’t panic if the you find the tip of your nose slightly upturned initially, as this may be a part of a surgery, for example, post surgical swelling. These effects fade off within few weeks’ time.

How to Avoid A Bad Nose Job or its Consequences

First thing to avoid a bad nose job –you need to choose your rhinoplasty surgeon very carefully. Read reviews and check your surgeon’s malpractice history before confirming him/her for nose job. Take help of a nose job simulator and discuss with your surgeon about your expectations form this nose job. Speak with as many previous patients as possible and ask to see their before-and-after photos. Final word on the characteristics of a bad nose job — rhinoplasty surgeons can shape your nose and make your appearance better, but within limits.

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