Tips for Selecting a Plastic Surgeon to Perform your Deviated Septum Surgery

I will be providing a few simple tips to select the best surgeon to perform deviated septum surgery on you. The first step is to select the type of deviated septum surgery.

Types of Deviated Septum Surgery

Deviated Septum Surgery is of two types:

  • Reparative: In this type of surgery i.e. septoplasty. The surgeon will simple correct the deviated part of your septum by cutting it off. This will allow you to breathe freely and smoothly. Additionally you will no longer suffer from the many symptoms of a deviated septum such as:
  1. Nose bleeds
  2. Recurring sinus infections
  3. Headaches
  4. Severe nasal congestion etc
  • Reparative & Corrective: Also known as septorhinoplasty, it involves both the reparing of the deviation and correction of the shape and structure of the nose to make it more appealing and beautiful.

Once you decide on the type, move on to the selection of the surgeon.

Tips for Selecting your Surgeon for Deviated Septum Surgery

How to select your Surgeon?

  1.  Verification: The first step in selecting your surgeon is to verify that he or she is certified by the “American Board of Plastic Surgeons”. This process can be done easily by checking the website or by giving them a call.
  2. After certifying this, the next step would be to verify the status of the surgeon’s medical licence. Each and every state will have its own website where you can check the surgeon’s medical standing.
  3. Past: Check the past work history of the surgeon. Look for any malpractice judgements and or disciplinary action taken on the surgeon in the past. It would be best, if no such history is present.
  4. Education & Training: After this call up the doctor’s office itself or check the abms website for details on the education and training of the surgeon.
  5. Experience: Experience is the mark of a great surgeon. Try to select a surgeon who has done many deviated septum surgeries with a high rate of success i.e. no complications.
  6. Ask Questions: When you finally decide on a few doctors, meet them in person and ask questions. Always ask the complication rate he or she has had in the past along with the number of times he or she performs the surgery.
  7. References: Lastly ask for a few references whom you can contact and talk to regarding the quality of the surgery, friendliness of the staff etc.

If you follow the above tips, you should be able to easily select the surgeon to perform the deviated septum surgery on you.

Author: Perumal G.

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