Balloon Dilation Sinus Surgery

Scientific Image Of Sinuses & Sinus Infection

Sinus infection is a common issue that usually, everyone experiences once in his or her life. The outpuchings of the nose are considered as sinuses and in some people; sinuses get developed to cheeks, between eyes and on forehead. There are small tubes inside the face by which sinuses connect to nose. In 24 hours, sinuses and nose make around 1 liter of mucus. The creation of mucus is not only normal but important too because it helps cleaning sinuses as well as nose of individuals. When, mucus gets thicker or more typical, then it turns to be post nasal drainage condition which is also a part of sinus infection.

Balloon Dilation – A New & Effective Solution For Eliminating Symptoms Of Sinusitis

Sinusitis causes different types of problems of a person that interrupt a person in his or her daily life. Living a long life with these symptoms affects overall quality of life. Therefore, getting a certain solution for curing sinusitis symptoms is essential. Many of today’s otolaryngologists, now days have involved into balloon dilation which is a new and very powerful technique to cure sinus infection. This article will help you learning what techniques include in balloon dilation and how it works to treat up the symptoms of sinusitis.

Learn Proper Information About Balloon Sinus Surgery

The balloon dilation sinus surgery is remarkable surgical process that moves the lining and bone within an individual’s nose and helps opening up sinuses. Though, it is not capable to eradicate tissues from the nose like functional endoscopic sinus surgery. In balloon dilation, bleeding as well as healing time get reduced in comparison to FESS. In this surgery, balloon catheter procedure is used which is being inserted into sinuses. When the balloon is inflated, the nasal tissues and bone make sinus drainage open and wide.

Success Of Balloon Sinus Surgery

If comparing with the outputs of functional endoscopic sinus surgery, balloon dilations sinus surgery proves to be highly efficacious alternative. It is more effective and safer than FESS technique. As per a survey in 2008, around 95 percent sinusitis patients have got amazing relief by balloon dilation sinus surgery. Though, this surgery does not work for all types of sinusitis patients; but an otolaryngologist recommends this surgery after conducting a CT scan. This technique is useful for various sinuses issues, but definitely not for all. For the best results, use this surgery with combination of traditional surgery.

Risks & Recovery Of Balloon Sinus Surgery

This is a very small surgery as it takes maximum 1-2 hours to last. Though, it causes some discomfort, drainage and nasal bleeding. After completing this surgery, the post operative symptoms will be reduced and patient can return to his or her home within hours. Although, this is a versatile surgical process; yet it accompanies some risk factor for sure. In general, balloon sinus surgery causes small risks of brain or eyes.

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