Massage and Sinus Headache

Sinus headache develops when there is congestion in one or all the sinuses. Sinus congestion can be caused by an inflammation and/or infection of the sinuses due to bacteria, virus, fungi, or allergic reactions. Sinus congestion that can cause sinus headache can really be uncomfortable and can really affect a person’s daily life. There are many treatments and management that can be done to get rid of sinus congestion and sinus headache. Pharmacologic treatments can be effective, yet it can also be expensive. There are other ways that can possibly get rid of the sinus congestion and sinus headache, such as facial massage.

Facial Massage for Sinus Congestion and Sinus Headache

Massage and Sinus Headache

Getting rid of the sinus congestion can also get rid of the sinus headache. Decongestants are commonly taken to help in getting rid of the congestion. To get rid of the congestion and headache through facial massage, here are the steps on how to perform a facial massage specifically for sinus congestion and sinus headache.

  1. Make sure that your fingernails are short and clean. Long fingernails can cause accidental scratching and can be very painful.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and clean water. Hands can possibly carry bacteria that can transmit bacterial infection.
  3. For the hands and fingers to easily glide on the skin of the face, applying facial cream or something that can lubricate the skin can be done. Make sure that the facial cream that will be used will not cause allergic reactions or cause pimples.
  4. Using 3 fingers of each hand, apply firm pressure in the middle portion of the forehead. Do not apply too much pressure, since it can be painful.
  5. From the middle portion of the forehead, slowly and gently move your fingers around the eye in a circular motion and stop at the top of your nose. Hold the firm pressure for a few more seconds.
  6. After a few seconds of holding the firm pressure at the top of your nose, slowly reverse starting from where you left off slowly back to the middle portion of your forehead.
  7. When you reach the middle portion of your forehead, hold the pressure for a few seconds and repeat step 5 and step 6 for 4 to 5 times. If you feel like repeating 4 to 5 times is too much, you can only do 3 or even 2.


Author: M.L.G

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