What is Nasal Irrigation?

Many people who are suffering from recurrent sinus congestion due to sinus infections or sinusitis, allergic reaction, sinus irritations, and many more have found that one of the best ways or one of the most effective ways on how to relieve sinus congestion is through nasal irrigation. Nasal irrigation can either be done by a medical professional or it can be easily done by anyone at home. There are even quite a number of physicians that can recommend performing nasal irrigation or nasal cleansing once a day to prevent symptoms of sinus congestions, such as sinus pressure, sinus headache, etc. from developing. There are ready-made over-the-counter nasal irrigation solutions, but you can still make your own nasal irrigation solution at home.

Nasal Irrigation

What is Nasal Irrigation?

To easily understand how is nasal irrigation performed and what are its purposes, just think about nasal irrigation to be similar as cleaning out the filters of your home. Nasal irrigation solution or nasal rinse is used to flush out your sinuses from stagnant mucous, dirt, foreign bodies such as pollens and dust that can come when a person inhales, and bacteria. Nasal irrigation can easily be done using a bulb syringe or even a neti pot. A neti pot can be purchased in any pharmacies and it somehow look like a mini version of a tea kettles that has elongated spouts that can easily fit in any nostrils.

Benefits of Nasal Irrigation

It is very common for nasal cavities and/or sinus cavities to get filled with mucous and that will stagnate. Nasal irrigation can help in softening the stagnant mucous and flushing it out from the sinus cavity. Aside from cleaning the sinus cavity, nasal irrigation can also help in moisturizing the sinus cavity thus preventing or reducing risks of dryness or even cracks inside the sinus cavity that can happen after a cold. Most people who perform nasal irrigation during nasal congestion felt relief from the nasal congestion. People who have irritated their nasal passages or sinus cavities due to frequent blowing of their noses can gain benefit from nasal irrigation, since nasal irrigation just as mentioned above can help in moisturizing the walls of the nasal cavity.

However, even though nasal irrigation is packed with numerous health benefits, consulting your physician before performing nasal irrigation is also very important. There are some people who do not find nasal irrigation to be helpful, but nasal irrigation can worsen their nasal congestion.

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