Problems with Nasal Irrigation

Nasal irrigation is a process in which the nasal cavities will be flushed out using a saline solution by letting the saline solution enter through one nostril and letting the saline solution exit to the other nostril. Nasal irrigation is a very common process that many people just easily perform it at home. For people who haven’t tried performing nasal irrigation and is attempting to perform it at home may face several problems while they are still trying to figure out the process. Due to how nasal irrigation is very common, there is too little attention given to the methods and small details that came along with the nasal irrigation process, which can cause misconceptions about its purpose and how it can lead to various problems.

Nasal Irrigation Problem: Fresh Water or Tap Water

Problems with Nasal Irrigation

Not everyone is aware the harm fresh water or tap water can do to your sensitive mucous tissues in your nose. Fresh water or tap water should NEVER be used in nasal irrigations. I repeat, fresh water or tap water SHOULD NEVER BE USED in nasal irrigations. Sensitive mucous tissues in the nose all have salt contents and when you use fresh water or tap water in irrigating your nose, there will be a significant imbalance with the nose’s salinity, which can lead to harmful effects.

Nasal Irrigation Problem: Too Much Salt

Using saline solution with too much salt content for nasal irrigation can also be harmful to your mucous membranes. If you are trying to irrigate your nose with a homemade saline solution and you feel pain, the cause is most likely too much salt content. Try to make a new saline solution and this time with lesser salt content. And if you plan on irrigating your nose using a store-bought saline solution, always make sure that the solution you are going to use is specifically made for the nose.

Nasal Irrigation Problem: Pulsatile Nasal Irrigation

Pulsatile nasal irrigation is a type of nasal irrigation that is performed using a bulb syringe so that the saline solution will pulsate through the nose as opposed to letting the saline solution flow naturally. Not all people find relief in just performing the natural nasal irrigation, which is why pulsatile nasal irrigation may be needed. Discomfort and pain may be experienced during pulsatile nasal irrigation especially when there is too much force applied to the nose when irrigating.

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