Clearing Sinuses and Relieving Sinus Pressure

There are four air-filled cavities surrounding the nose area of the face and the skull bones. These four air-filled cavities are known as sinuses. Sinuses’ main purposes are to help in keeping the internal portion of the nose moisturized and protect it from foreign substances with the production of mucus. When there will be a problem in one or all the 4 sinuses, there will be pain sensation that can be characterized with a headache and sinus pressure. To relieve sinus pressure and reduce recurrence of sinus congestion, there are several ways that can be done at home to clear the sinuses.

Sinus Pressure Causes

Clearing Sinuses and Relieving Sinus Pressure

Before going into how to relieve sinus pressure, it will be important to know what can cause an increase in the sinus pressure. All sinuses have several channels that will help drain mucus properly to the nose, these channels are referred to as ostiums and ostiums serve to be the connection between the nose and the sinuses. When there is blockage in one or more sinus channels, there will be sinus congestion, which causes increased sinus pressure, and it can also lead to the development of sinus infection or sinusitis. Sinusitis is quite a common medical condition that can be experienced at least once a year by most people.

Relieving Sinus Pressure

In order to relieve sinus pressure, clearing the sinus or sinuses is the only way. If the increased in sinus pressure is caused by a bacterial sinus infection, antibiotics will be needed, and if viral sinus infection, anti-viral medications will be needed. Always keep in mind that before taking any medications,you’re your doctor about it first.

Home Remedies to Relieve Sinus Pressure

There are home remedies that can be done in order to relieve sinus pressure. Here are some home remedies:

  • Steam Inhalation – Prepare a large bowl and fill the bowl with boiled water. Without dipping or touching any part of your face and body in the bowl with hot water, slowly lean into the bowl and inhale the steam through your nose. Keep on inhaling the steam for at least 5 minutes. Doing so can help in loosening the congested mucus.
  • Warm Compress – If sinus pressure is evident in the cheekbones area or in the forehead area, doing warm compress can help in relieving pressure. Lie down, apply a warm compress over the sinus with increased sinus pressure or in the area that is painful.

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