Viral vs. Bacterial Sinusitis

How To Recognize Your Sinusitis Type

This may be confusing for people to recognize if their sinusitis is viral or bacterial if they are not familiar with exact information for the same. Knowing difference between symptoms of bacterial sinusitis and viral sinusitis, one can easily recognize sinusitis type. Moreover, the treatment of viral and bacterial sinusitis is different. Sinusitis that starts out from viral infections cannot be treated with antibiotics. Around 60% of sinusitis that does not get fine for 7-10 days is referred as bacterial infections. Sometimes, bacterial infections gets healed on its own without using antibiotics, but sometimes, it requires serious medical attention.

Recurring Issues Of Sinusitis

When a person suffers from sinusitis, it causes him or her several issues in which sinuses’ inflammation, congested sinus, blocked sinuses, sinus pain and sinus pressure are few common problems. These issues occur in sinusitis patients again and again. It is estimated that sinusitis occurs every years in 37 million people. But, surprising part is that there is hardly any person who learns if he suffers from sinusitis because the symptoms are quite similar to normal cold. When, in 10-14 days of time cold gets eliminated, it indicates that you have sinus infection.

Identifying Viral Vs. Bacterial Sinusitis

Way To Understand If You Have Bacterial Sinusitis Or Viral Sinusitis

When sinusitis starts out of an allergy or any viral infection like common cold, then it is a symptom of bacterial sinusitis. In this sinusitis, symptoms exist for 7-10 days usually. The bacterial sinusitis symptoms include fever of 101 to more, green or dark yellow mucus, facial pain around cheeks and eyes, nasal congestion, pain around forehead and toothache. On other side, if a person suffers from viral sinusitis, it causes different symptoms like constant fatigue, cough, cold, bad breath, pain around ear and head etc. The majority of sinusitis patients suffer from viral sinusitis, though bacterial sinusitis occurs at some particular circumstances. In bacterial sinusitis, use of antibiotics will benefit.

Key Factors About Viral & Bacterial Sinusitis

The symptoms of these types of sinusitis last in 10 days only that too without having any clinical help. Most of the symptoms of these sinusitis types are highly severe. A patient usually suffers from more than 102 degree fever, facial pain and nasal discharge. These symptoms trouble a patient consecutively for 3-4 days in starting stage of illness. With time, these symptoms get worsen as nasal discharge and headaches gets increased. As per IDSA instructions, 5-7 days’ antibiotics course, sinusitis can be cured and in children, this course should go on for 10-14 days long.

Understanding Symptoms & Treatment Options For Viral & Bacterial Sinusitis

The viral sinusitis takes 10 days’ of time to last; however bacterial sinusitis troubles a person for more than 10 days. The symptoms of viral sinusitis include runny nose, chills or dry cough etc. and bacterial sinusitis generally causes fever and thick nasal discharge. The treatment of viral and bacterial sinusitis is varied from each other. To treat up viral sinusitis, use of antibiotics is strictly prohibited; however for bacterial sinusitis, antibiotics are highly efficacious.

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