How to Recover from Nose Surgery Quickly

There are a lot of different factors that can make a person a candidate for nose surgery. Deviated septum can be one of the most common factors for deviated septum surgery or septoplasty or even rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is one type of nose surgery that is done to insert a transplant to the nose, which can improve its nose shape. Rhinoplasty is one nose surgery that is usually done for cosmetic purposes. After undergoing a nose surgery, you will always want to heal quickly and free from any complications.

After Nose Surgery

How to Recover from Nose Surgery Quickly

Right after nose surgery, the nose will be painful and tender to touch. So you have to take extra caution in handling your nose and even in doing various activities to prevent complications. It will take approximately 6 weeks for the nose to completely heal, which will be free from any tenderness, swelling, and pain. Six weeks will be the most crucial time for your nose to recovery completely and free from all complications.

5 Important Tips for Complication-Free Recovery

  1. Do not perform any strenuous activities and vigorous exercise routines for the first 2 weeks after nose surgery. Doing strenuous activities and vigorous exercises will just increase the pressure in the blood vessels of your nose, which can result to bleeding or even tearing of the incision sites. You have to take everything easy and you will have to gradually increase the intensity of your activities and exercises during the 3rd week post nose surgery. AVOID PLAYING CONTACT SPORTS.
  2. Do not go swimming during the first 4 weeks after nose surgery. The water in the swimming pool or even sea water can get inside your nose, which can possibly infect your wound. Swimming in the water will also cause your nose to move, which can prolong recovery time.
  3. NEVER BLOW YOUR NOSE within the first 2 to 3 weeks after nose surgery. Blowing your nose will just cause bleeding and can prolong recovery time.
  4. Never smile too wide or even laugh hard that can cause your nose to move when stitches are not removed from your nose yet. Laughing and even smiling can cause the tearing of your wounds, which can result in re-stitching your wounds. Avoid watching funny movies or going out with friends temporarily, to avoid too much laughter.
  5. Avoid wearing shirts that need to be worn over the head. Wearing clothes over the head can possibly touch your nose and can be very painful when touched. Wear clothes that are button-down to help your nose heal without any delay.

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