Can a Deviated Septum Cause a Lung Infection

Thorough Information On Deviated Septum

The deviated septum and nasal septum both are same. The problem occurs in nose and the main reason that cause septum disorder is an accident or any environmental infection. The bone inside the nose is called septum which detaches the sides of nasal cavity. There are several elements around this bone that cover septum naming bendable cartilage, skin and mucus membrane. All of them jointly make the nose. It is estimated that around 80% modern people are suffering from deviated septum. Externally, it disfigures the appearance of the nose and shifts nose from the midline to aside. The problem of deviated septum can worsen if it is not treated on time. Lung infection is one of the most serious infections by deviated septum.

Role Of Deviated Septum In Causing Lung Infection

Deviated septum in which generally one nose side gets congested that does not let one to breath properly. The blocked septum creates inflammation and irritation. At this time, the mucus becomes incapable of draining down the sufferer’s throat and cannot come out the nose easily. It sometimes messes up in nasal sinuses. At that time, viruses and bacteria which collect in clogged mucus can result into sinus infection. This infection can enter in lungs and later this causes infection for respiratory tract. It is a mild condition that sometimes needs nebulizer cures, antibiotics or inhalers to comfort.

Get Immediate Treatment To Reduce The Problems Of Deviated Septum

Deviated Septum May Cause a Lung Infection

The instant treatment is mandatory for deviated septum because later it may turn into harmful injections. To cure the symptoms of deviated septum, the first and most mandatory step is to consult immediately an otolaryngologist who is also famous as ENT specialist. The doctor will examine your problem nearly and will suggest better treatment for instant relief. People having lung infections due to deviated septum, generally are suggested with surgery. The surgery for deviated septum is referred as septoplasty. This surgery is performed with endoscope which is a camera and general anesthesia is used. Along with reshaping the nasal septum, the surgery also opens up the narrow septum and gives enough space for passing air.

Stop Smoking To Protect Yourself From Bad Consequences Of Deviated Septum

Smoking can put a very dangerous impact on lungs and if you have deviated septum, then the condition can get worsen. It leads to chronic bronchitis and emphysema. The mild lung conditions can make you more susceptible to various serious lung infections. Moreover, if one does not have lung problem and he constantly smokes, it may put a bad impact and you won’t get recovered from deviated septum effects. Always keep one thing in your mind that more smoking will cause more damage to you and the risk of lung infections will get milder.

Necessary Consideration To Keep In Mind In Your Daily Life

Your personally attention and safety is necessary if you want to eliminate the problems associated with deviated septum or to stop lung infections. A necessity to self cleanliness is essential and always washes your hands as in everyday life, one comes in contact of thousands of germs and these germs can results into lung infections. So, it is up to you and your cautiousness to get rid of bad consequences of deviated septum.

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