Is A Deviated Septum Considered A Pre-Existing Condition For Health Insurance

An Exordium To Deviated Septum

A deviated septum can be medically defined as the misalignment of the nasal septum; it can be by birth and may happen due to some mishap like road accident. The nasal septum is the bone or cartilage that separates the nasal cavity in the nose. Most people have imbalances of some sort in their breathing passages. It is estimated that 80 percent of people have a misalignment of their nasal septum which they are unaware of. It can only be detected by the presence of its symptoms such as frequent cold, headache in an individual.

Causes And Symptoms Of A Deviated Septum

While some people are born with a deviated nasal septum others may develop it after an injury such as a blow to the face. In case of congenial disorder, it is associated with genetic connective tissue disarray. Nasal congestion is mostly a common experience of the people who suffer with a deviated septum disorder. Other symptoms include difficulty in breathing, recurrent sinus infection, frequent nose bleeds, headache, postnasal drip, loud breathing and snoring while sleeping.

Treatment To Be Attained

In some cases which are mild in nature the deviated septum can be cured with medications such as antihistamines, decongestants, and nasal spray. Even though these medication temporarily relieve the symptoms but it does not improve the condition of the deviated nasal septum. To cure it completely, a minor surgery known as septoplasty is required. The surgery lasts for an hour and has effects lasting anywhere from two days up till four weeks. Septal bones nerve re-grow after the surgery so that the nasal disalignment does not occur again.

Wisely Choose A Health Insurance Policy

Health Insurance A Necessity For A Deviated Septum Surgery

Having a health insurance is very necessary as the medical expenses are very high nowadays. Most people have the common idea that when you have an insurance cover, your health expenses are wholly or partially covered by it but this may not be the true picture. Every health insurance company has different policies and conditions regarding pre-existing health conditions. Always make sure that you ask for the information regarding pre-existing health cover. Insurances do cover deviated nasal septum surgery costs but usually you need to show them proper evidence as there have been many cases where people try to cover their cosmetic nose surgery by way of deviated nasal septum surgery.

Health Insurance Cover For Deviated Septum

Septoplasty is usually is covered by the insurance company. Insurance company work on two basic things:

  • Covering pre-existing diseases
  • No covering of the pre-existing health conditions

Usually, if a deviated nasal septum surgery is done, it is covered by the insurance company it has occurred as a part of some mishap. Mostly, there is always a controversy on the cosmetic surgery under an insurance cover. Medically necessary surgeries are always covered by the insurance companies. So if you have a health insurance and need to have septoplasty, you can just ask the insurance company and I am sure they will surly help you and will cover almost 70 percent of the surgery expenses for deviated septum.

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