Septoplasty Post Operative Instructions

Septoplasty An Ultimate Solution For Deviated Septum

The correct deviated septum, septoplasty has proved the best solution so far. By reshaping disfigured nose, it gives a new and perfect look to one’s nose. Clearing all internal nasal tissues it cleans up the airway passages by which one breathes comfortably. Many ENT specialists have accepted that septoplasty is capable to cure deviated septum from the root and once a patient gets this solution for their nasal congestion or deviation issue, he or she never faces any kind of nasal issues. This article will let you know some post operative septoplasty tips which should necessarily be followed to get rid of negative consequences.

How A Patient Feels After Undergoing Septoplasty

After having septoplasty, generally patents feel some congestion in the nose. They also develop some mucous crust and some blood gets collected inside the nose in first weeks of surgery. Sometimes, patients feel some pressure over the face and it is a sign of healing. You probably can feel some kind of discomfort, but there is hardly any pain. It does not require any pain killer to reduce the pain. Patients can feel nausea due to anesthesia. The conditions can recover in few days.

Activity Level

Bleeding Is A Casual Septoplasty Post Operative Affect

When the surgery has done, you should keep in mind that does not travel anywhere for at least 15 days after septoplasty has performed on you. Avoid lifting, straining or bending for a week because such activities may cause heavy bleeding from the nose and which can turn in to very critical situation later on. It is strictly advised that never think to take part in any kind of rigorous activity till you get permission from your surgeon for the same. It is restricted for you to blow the nose until unless your doctor allows you. You can sniff carefully through nose.

What To Do If Bleeding Occurs

Bleeding is a casual septoplasty post operative affect. So, if it occurs, then do not worry, but handle it accurately. At the time when your nose start bleeding, then it would be beneficial if you tilt head back. You should gently breathe and sit down upright. Keep breathing through your nose. Do remember that never snort blood through your nose. Blowing through nose can be critical as it promotes bleeding. If you squeeze your nose with your fingers gently, then the pressure can be hold for 7 to 10 minutes. The act will surely stop nasal bleeding.

Necessary Cleaning And Medication

Cleaning should be done on regular basis for patients who have passed through septoplasty because after septoplasty surgery, patients start building up thick mucus and crusting in the nose. Especially for first 5 days of surgery, it is essential to clear the nose by using saltaire or saline spray. This spray will keep the nose moist and it will heal quickly. In addition to cleaning, proper medication is also necessary to reduce pain. For this purpose, use Tylendol – Extra strength or you can use aspirin as well. This will surely benefit you to recover from post operative effects of septoplasty.

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