How to Reduce Puffy Eyes Due to Sinuses

Is Your Deviated Septum Causes Puffy Eyes

The deviated septum is a condition which is influenced by several elements and there are several consequences of it as well. In such consequences, puffy eyes are one of them.  You must have noticed some kind of puffiness around your eyes when you wake up in the morning and this puffiness definitely does not look good. Having puffy eyes can make your personality look dull and unattractive. So, to have charm on your face always, you should try to reduce eye’s puffiness by following various treatments.

Can Sinuses Be A Reason For Puffy Eyes

Puffy Eye Bags Due To Sinuses

No doubt, that sinus issues can be a big reason for puffy eyes. There is a great relationship of sinuses with eye’s puffiness. Basically, sinuses are like facial pathways that are lined up with delicate mucus. This mucus helps transmitting the air and also discovers external particles and stops them to enter in the body. Elements like dust, smoke, mold, pollution etc. cause serious infection to these sinuses and thus, it gets blocked or sometimes swollen. This swelling causes puffy eyes as well as puffiness around the face.

Use Antibiotics To Reduce Puffy Eyes

To reduce puffy eyes, antibiotics can be an effective cure. If your puffy issue is due to any kind of bacterial allergy or infection, then you should only opt to antibiotics that will soothe your condition in quicker way. This condition does not only affect facial beauty, but also develops inflammation to a person. To determine the cause or bacterial infection, you can send the mucus sample to laboratory for examines and after that, you can be prescribed any beneficial antibiotics by an expert physician. Sometimes, a wrong antibiotic can cause severe side effects that include swelling in tongue, excess puffiness in face and eyes, nausea, diarrhea etc.

Irrigation Can Be An Effective Cure

If puffy eyes are troubling you like a disaster and you want to get rid of puffy eye bags fast, then use medical treatment or home remedies for puffy eye bags. The swelling of puffy eye can be minimized at a great extent with irrigation. For this process, you can use waterpik device and set it to low. You must have used it for infants; else there is a spray bottle for nasal that can be used to put solution in nasal cavity.  To make solution of irrigation, you should take salt for 1 tsp, ¼ tsp baking powder and boiled water. Boil the solution all together and when it will be cooled, then you can use it as your irrigation solution.

Antihistamines For Chronic Issues

All who are bearing mild issues of sinus problems or deviated septum, can use antihistamines. Generally, with sinus problems, a person quickly get affected by pollen, mold and dust and the allergies cause puffy eyes as well as face. It occurs on regular basis. So, it must be controlled. The use of antihistamines will not treat up allergies, but certainly it will reduce puffiness and facial swelling and other deviated septum symptoms at some extent.

Author: A.M.

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