Acute Sinusitis

Acute sinusitis is one of the 4 different types of sinusitis. Sinusitis is the inflammation of the sinuses that is caused by the clogging of mucous in the sinuses. Sinuses are small cavities around the cheekbones and forehead that are normally filled with air. Normally, the sinuses produce small amounts of mucous that will just drain through the nose, but during sinusitis, sinuses will be filled with mucus, making the sinuses inflamed and painful. Acute sinusitis and other types of sinusitis are usually caused by either bacterial infection or viral infection.

What is Acute Sinusitis?

Acute Sinusitis

Acute sinusitis is a short-term type of sinusitis. Acute sinusitis will last or persist no longer than 30 days or 4 weeks. As a matter of fact, acute sinusitis will usually last for about a week or so but sometimes longer depending on the causative factor. Most of the time, especially when the cause of the acute sinusitis is viral infection, there will be no treatments needed because the sinusitis will heal or get better by itself. If treatments will be needed, it will only be used to manage and get rid of symptoms that came with your acute sinusitis, such symptoms include but not limited to facial pain, headache, and nasal congestion.

How Does Someone Get Acute Sinusitis?

There are numerous ways on how a person gets or acquires acute sinusitis. Here, I will mention some of the most common ways how a person can acquire acute sinusitis.

  • Colds or Flu – Acute sinusitis is very common to develop in a person who just suffered or got affected with colds or flu-like medical conditions. Most of the time, colds and flu are caused by viral infection that can easily spread to the sinuses. This then makes the sinusitis a type of viral sinus infection. There are also time that a viral sinus infection will be aggravated with bacteria, which can make it into a bacterial sinus infection that will typically last longer and make the infection worse.
  • Dental Infection – If you think that an infection in your teeth or dental infection will only stay inside your mouth, then you are very wrong. If you are suffering from sinusitis and you just had or still have an infection in your teeth, then most likely, your sinus infection is caused by your dental infection. The infection from your teeth or tooth can spread to your maxillary sinuses (cheekbone sinuses) which then causes your sinus infection.

Author: M.L.G

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