Can A Deviated Septum Cause Dark Puffy Bags Around Eyes

Puffy Eye Bags & Deviated Septum

Puffy bags around the eyes certainly do not like by anyone. But it occurs and affects the beauty of a face badly. It has several causes that promote puffy eye bags and some people believe that deviated septum is one of the causes of eye bags. While it is a truth or just a wrong assumption, is still need to know. In this article, you will get to know various things about these ugly looking eye bags and its causes. After analyzing different factors about puffy eye bags, you will certainly find out if deviated septum has a role in this concern or not.

Deviated Septum – Lower Eyelid Circles And Eye Bags Causes

There are different issues that cause such problems in people. These causes are varied from individual to individual. Some people adopt this issue from their birth as they genetically have dark eye circles or eye bags around their eyes. The actual reason of such condition is the eyeball position and the eye bone that places under the eye and ultimately it causes eye bags or eye dark circles. In addition to it, some people who have negative vector also predispose this problem.

Hunchback Nose Or Nasal Issues Also Promote Puffy Eye Bags

Generally, people with hunchback nose notice a shadow around their eyes in particular lighting. Thus, they also bear puffy eye bags that put a very bad influence on their personality. But, this condition is curable. Using rhinoplasty or septoplasty, it can be

Sunken Or Puffy Eyes

corrected and you can reshape your nose as well as can get rid of your eye bags. Nasal allergies also invite puffy eye bags because it creates allergic shiners and that is a result of congested and small blood vessels under the eyes. So, nasal issues have a major role in developing puffy eye bags.

Deviated Septum Causes Dark Puffy Eye Bags, Is It true?

Some people have come up with their thoughts about dark puffy eye bags and as per those people; they have dark puffy eye bags and also deviated septum. According to them, the deviated septum is the biggest cause that has encouraged dark puffy eye bags. The answers on this question are varied because some people have completely denied from this fact and some are agreed on the same. So, to have appropriate solution, you should first discuss with a competent medical expert who will let you know actual cause of your puffy eye bags.

Puffy Eye Bags May More Be Related With Physical Stress Rather Than Deviated Septum

Mainly, these puffy eye bags are resulted by environmental or physical stress and thus, you should try to eliminate stress from your life. However, a poor sleep and bad diet are also big influential factors of this condition.  Therefore, improving both of these factors can help you solving your problem out. So, if you have allergy from any particular food or ingredient then you should avoid it because eating allergic food can be a great reason for puffy eye bags. Additionally, if you have deviated septum, then do consult your ENT expert and get a right way to sort out your issue.

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