Cleaning the Nose after Deviated Septum Surgery

Cleaning the nose post deviated septum surgery must be done with utmost care. In fact, cleaning after any type of surgery should be done with utmost care, even if it is not deviated septum surgery. Cleaning the nose after the surgery is very important, since patient’s post operation are at a very high risk for acquiring infection. Doctors will prescribe anti-bacterial medications to help in preventing infection and speed up healing time, however, cleaning the nose should also be done to promote healing and keep the nose after deviated septum surgery clean.

What to Expect Post Deviated Septum Surgery

After deviated septum injury, it is normal for the nose to feel numb, painful, swollen, and red. However, if there will be any signs of infection, such as foul smelling discharges from the incision, then you should inform your doctor right away. Days after surgery, crusting of the incision site will take place. Usually, the doctor will prescribe a nasal saline solution for washing the incision site and/or loosen crusting to provide comfort and antibacterial ointment to be applied on to the incision site every day.

Things to Need in Cleaning the Nose after Deviated Septum Surgery

Cotton Swabs for Cleaning the Nose Post Deviated Septum Surgery

  • Nasal Saline Solution
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Solution
  • Sterile Water
  • Antibacterial Ointment
  • Cotton Swab (Q tip)

How to Clean and Care for the Nose after Deviated Septum Surgery

  1. Ask your doctor when exactly it is advisable for you to clean your nose after the deviated septum surgery. Usually, the nose should not be touched and cleaned on the same day of the surgery. In fact, the nose needs special care hours after deviated septum surgery. Cold packs maybe applied to the nose during the first 24 hours to 48 hours post surgery, to help in stopping the bleeding.
  2. If the nose begins to show signs of crusting, the doctor may prescribe a nasal saline solution to help in loosening the crust, thus providing comfort, since crusts can sometimes cause congestion. To use the nasal saline solution, you will need to gently bend your head to one side, and gently insert the nasal saline solution’s tip. Once the tip is inside the nostril, gently spray the solution. Do it on the other side of the nostril.
  3. An equal mixture of hydrogen peroxide with water is used in cleaning the nostrils after deviated septum surgery. To clean, get a clean cotton swab (Q tip) and soak it in the hydrogen peroxide and water mixture. Gently insert the cotton swab in one nostril and gently twirl it inside the nostril. Repeat process to the other nostril. Allow both nostrils to dry, and apply antibacterial ointment to both nostrils using another cotton swab. Never soak the same cotton swab again into the mixture. Change cotton swabs every after use. You can do this up to 3 times per day.
  4. Cleaning the incision is just like cleaning inside the nostrils. Use a new cotton swab and soak it in the hydrogen peroxide and water mixture. Gently roll the cotton swab over the incision and allow to dry. Once dry, apply antibacterial ointment over the incision. You can do this up to 3 times per day after Deviated Septum Surgery.

Author: M.L.G

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