Can Chronic Sinusitis Cause Depression

Depression – A Dangerous Sinus Complication

After going through a several sinusitis cases and patients’ history, several astonishing factors and sinus complications have come to light. After learning the severity of sinus complications, it is learnt that how critical chronic sinusitis actually is. Depression is one of the most dangerous sinus complications. The problem of depression completely exists in the head. The reason for the same is excessive production for mucus. To find out the reality, a study was conducted for 73 chronic sinusitis patients. In these patients, 20% reported with depression symptoms that were prompted by sinusitis. Thus, this study proved the clear relation of depression with sinusitis.

Critical Symptoms Of Sinusitis Encourage Depression

Sinusitis is not merely a problem of sinuses that causes discomfort and uneasy breathing; however it sometimes makes the life hell causing severe pain in head, facial swelling, uneasy breathing and so on. Living up with such symptoms does not let a person enjoy his or her life. It makes one feel distracted from work and one cannot focus on his daily chores due to such issues indeed. The symptoms are called chronic because it recur in frequent way and last for longer period. It is estimated that chronic sinusitis troubles a patient for at least 8 weeks constantly. Thus, 8 weeks with uncomfortable sinus complications is the biggest reason causing depression.

Critical Symptoms Of Sinusitis Encourage Depression

Increasing Ratio Of Chronic Sinusitis Sufferers

In America, around 14% people currently are suffering from sinus complications. These people have to bear sinus complications for more than 12 months that include facial fullness or congestion, facial pressure or pain, thick discharge from nasal, post nasal discolored drainage, high fever, nasal blockage or nasal obstruction and so on. In this condition, you cannot relief from the use of antibiotics, but to clear out clogged sinuses, you have to go for endoscopic surgery. The problem of depression in chronic sinusitis patients is quite prevalent as in 25% people you will find this issue.

Use Of Healthcare Products & Depression In Chronic Sinusitis Patients

Generally, the reason for depression in chronic sinusitis patients is the use of healthcare products that include physician visits, using antibiotics, OTC medicines and irregular workdays. After conducting a personal interview with 76 patients of sinusitis, the conclusion had made it clear that the problem of depression is a common sinus complication. A patient who suffers from depression does not lead a healthy and happy life. For quality of life, it is mandatory to get effective treatment for chronic sinusitis. So that depression would not enter in your life.

Get Benefits With Natural Remedies

To eliminate the root issue which is chronic sinusitis of depression, one can take natural remedies. The result of using natural remedies for chronic sinusitis was appreciated by several patients. This treatment is based on the oriental medication. These medications trigger the root cause by which sinusitis goes for permanent and does not return in patients’ life. People who rely on antibiotics have to bear such issues mostly. Moreover, the use of antibiotics can encourage several other health problems too to a patient by which the condition can get worsen.

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