Causes of a Deviated Septum in Babies

Deviated septum in babies is more common than in adults (most deviated septum’s tend to form in childhood and continue into adulthood). The reason is because of their malleable septum’s along with the ease with which they manage to expose their faces to trauma of different sources.

Causes of a Deviated Septum in Babies

Causes behind a deviated septum in babies.

While the reasons behind the deviated septum may differ according to the child, the main reason why a deviated septum occurs in a higher frequency in children is because they have delicate noses which contains a septum which is not fully developed, very soft and malleable. Unlike adult noses which are strong and require a considerable force and trauma to be inflicted for a deviation to occur, a deviated septum in babies will occur easily. The common causes behind a deviated septum in babies are:

  1. Birth Related: As a baby is born, when coming outside of the mothers stomach, he or she will be literally pushed out (this process involves the exposure to a lot of pressure). While not enough to cause major damage, since the nose is delicate, the septum of your child may get deviated. This usually occurs if firstly your child is big, or if you exert a lot of pressure while bring your child into the world.
  2.  Trauma: Babies after they learn to walk will keep trying to investigate their environment, while investigating accidents are sure to happen, during these accidents (such as falling down) if they expose their nose to trauma, even if the force is low, their nasal septum may get deviated because of its tenderness.

The above two reasons are the most common causes of a deviated septum in babies and young children.  While the former cause cannot be prevented, the second cause can by paying sufficient attention to your child and ensuring the environment they are present is always monitored.

Author: Perumal G.

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