Transgender Nose Job for Feminine Look

These days, the transgender nose job has become increasingly popular. Many men and women feel like they were born into the body of wrong sex and the ratio of male to female transitioning is 3:1. As the nose is the most noticeable feature so transgender looks for improving the shape to give it a feminine look. In this surgery, the overall size and shape of the nose is enhanced and the nasal angles are amending to align more closely to the woman’s nose. As compared to men, women have more finer/delicate nose and prominent cheeks. The tip of their nose is slightly rotated. To get such type of nose, a fat injection is used to soften facial angles and enhance the cheeks.

Expectations with the Transgender Nose Job

Transgender Nose Job

This nose job takes place in a hospital and executed under general anesthesia and takes one and a half or two hours to get complete. It largely depends on the shape and the size of your nose and according to that surgeon may reposition or shape the nasal bones either by lifting the nose tip slightly or reducing the bridge size to give it a feminine look. The incisions are created in the nostrils but if in case the external incisions are crucial they will recover with the invisible scars of the surgery.

Time of Recovery

After the accomplishment of the surgery, a splint will be positioned beside your nose for a week to almost ten days, in order to give support to get it healed. In the nostrils, a light dressing can be used in case of any bleeding, but it can be removed the same or the next day. After the Transgender Nose Job, you will feel numbness near the nose area and you could also experience some residual swelling or some bruising in the nasal tip.

Normal Nose Reshaping Vs. Transgender Nose Job

There are some differences between these kinds of nose reshaping. For those who are looking for a regular nose reshaping look for adjusting their particular nose to enhance their looks. However, in case of transgender nose reshaping, the patients look forward getting a feminine look and want to rework on their particular look.

Most of the transgender looks for a particular cosmetic surgeon who can give them a desired look. When it comes to the transgender nose reshaping surgery, there are many things to consider so that their facial expressions and features stay proportionate and they will get the desired (manly or feminine) look they are seeking.

Just like chin, nose plays an important role in the facial feature that can influence your feelings about femininity and self-esteem. So when seeking for a male nose job or transgender, make sure to get it done by an expert surgeon who knows exactly how to do it.

Author: A.M.

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