What is Nasal Polyps

A nasal polyp is a problem related to sinuses. When soft sinuses tissues become swollen and cover the entire space available around, in medical terms, the condition is called nasal polyp. If you already have sinuses, you may have one or several polyps inside your nose.  They originate in sinuses and extend down to the nostril.

Although, they grow near the sinuses but the exact cause of their origination is still not known. Some believe that they are the result of some environmental allergy, while other medical opinion votes for some infection in the sinuses as a cause behind nasal polyps.

Obvious Symptoms

The most obvious symptom of nasal polyps is a blocked nose. Since they grow inside the nose they eventually covers the small area inside and cause blockage. Problem in nasal breathing, causing patient to breath through their mouth are maybe due to polyps inside the nose. Apnea attack is another strong symptom of nasal polyps. People with nasal polyps tend to snore and sometime even get apnea attack during their sleep.  Other important symptoms observed in people having nasal polyps are problem with the sense of smell and also nasal intonation.

Nasal Polyps Are Soft, Noncancerous Growths On The Lining Of Your Nose Or Sinuses

How Nasal Polyps Are Detected

Blocked nose may be a symptom of number of medical condition and anyone who is suffering form the problem for a prolonged period of time should definitely seek medical advice. Proper medical inspection is needed to determine the presence of nasal polyps in your nose. If you are found with the correct symptoms of nasal polyps during medical inspection you will be referred to the ENT specialist for further investigation.

Treatment Options

Nasal drops and sprays containing steroids are usually prescribed to the patient whose problem is at beginning stage or have a small polyp in his/her nose.  The most effective of all treatments for nasal polyps is the surgical removal. During the surgical removal the polyps are removed through the root after giving general anesthesia to the patient.

Does it Carry Risk?

Like other surgeries, this one also carries certain amount of risk. And most common risk is the risk of bleeding inside the nose. Some patient may have black eyes post surgery, because the surgical instruments are taken up through the nostrils. Results of nasal polyps’ surgery vary from person to person. Some people are more susceptible to the nasal condition and grow them back after a few years. Re-occurrence can not be stopped but prevented using steroid nasal spray, occasionally.

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