Why a Nose Job is a Complicated Procedure?

People have a misconception that nose is just another facial feature; however, the nose is a vital organ that guards your lungs. Next time if you have sinus trouble, cold or stopped up nose, notice how much it irritates you, how it affects your sleep, your voice, your energy and also your cognitive thinking. Actually, it affects your ability to function. So don’t take your nose as another facial feature and get your nose job or rhinoplasty surgery done by the most experience plastic surgeon.

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What Makes a Nose Such a Complicated Organ?


Your nose filters works to moisturize and warms the air you inhale. You might not believe but an average nose passes about 18,000 liters of air daily. Your nose:

  • Filters even the tiniest substance like a pollen spores
  • By adding moisture to the air it protects lung’s linings
  • Warms air and make it relevant to body temperature before reaching the lungs

What Should I Do When I Am Consulting a Doctor for Nose Job?

While you are consulting a specialist for chronic breathing blockage or a nose job, prepare a list of all your medications and make sure that you have read the labels for possible side effects. Discuss with your doctor how the medication will work on your nose. (Deviated surgery is often recommended for breathing blockages inside the nose, turbinate reduction surgery is another procedure suggested for breathing blockages)

As soon as you experience some nasal problems pay attention towards them and consult with your doctor. For instance, if you have allergic rhinitis and you keep on ignoring it you may have chances of having severe lung troubles like asthma or bronchitis. Likewise, do not ignore problems like sneezing, runny or thick nose, different colored (any shade other than yellow or white) discharge oozing from your nose

How to Determine Your Nose Problem?

You May Have a Serious Problem

Nose problems are of different types—you may have a serious problem that need more care than a cosmetic surgery?

If you have congestion in your upper nose your sense of smell will be out of order. Sometimes the nose congestion may lead to mouth breathing and you may have in turn:

  • Increased chances of mouth and throat infections
  • A diminish sense of smell
  • A cotton mouth
  • No filtered air going inside and there are increased chances of germs going inside your lungs
  • Blood receiving less oxygen

If you are prone to nose allergies you have better chances of having asthma or it will worse if you are already suffering from it.

You should provide proper care to your nose

Now I believe that you have got the answer why a rhinoplasty surgeon take it too seriously, ask you so many questions and provide great care to your nose when you go for a simple nose job. The question I shared in this article might make the job easier for your doctor too who usually find it quite difficult to convince his or her patient that nose surgery is a complicated task and it requires care and attention from a patient as well.

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