Alternative Deviated Septum Cures-Specific Homeopathic Medicine

Why Homeopathy?

If you suffer from a deviated septum, your doctor would have suggested a septoplasty surgery as a cure. While septoplasty is the best currently available treatment for a deviated septum, it has many side effects. Homeopathy offers a valid and easy method to treat all of the symptoms of a deviated septum such as:

  • Recurring Sinus Infection

    Homeopathy- An all natural way to cure your deviated septum symptoms!

  • Congestion
  • Headaches
  • Nose bleeds

All of the above and more can be cured by using homeopathy. The best part is that it is proven to have zero side effects.  Homeopathy is a holistic form of treatment where the entire body and mind of the patient is considered before treatment.

The Specific Medicines for Specific Symptoms

Below I will provide a list of homeopathic medicine which is freely available as over the counter medication in most pharmaceuticals.

  • Allium Cepa:  Use this medicine for excessive sneezing.  Feeling of a Lump at the root of the nose and for headaches.
  • Arsenic Album: Use it for Nose bleeds and continuous sneezing.
  • Arum Triphyllum: Use for soreness of nostrils and obstruction of the nasal passageway which forces breathing from the mouth.
  • Siphilinum: Use for hard nasal palate and septum and if perforation occurs.
  • Arundo: Utilize if you find itching in nostrils and roof of mouth. Can also be used for Hay-fever.
  • Euphrasia: If you hate the indoors and always feel better and can breathe easier outdoors then use this medication.
  • Ferrum Phos: For a predisposition to cold and for first stages of cold in the head.
  • Kali lod: Use for pain associated with the sinus and if the tip of your nose turns red.
  • Merc Sol: Use for Cold and Coryza along with nose bleeds.
  • Aurun Mettalicum: This medicine is to be used, if you suffer from a painful, obstructed, swollen and congested nose.

The above are the list of medication which you can make use of for symptoms related to a deviated septum. If you feel the need then visit a homeopathic doctor who will take an in-depth analysis of your physical and mental state before prescribing medication.

But you can rest assured in the knowledge that you will encounter zero side-effects. This is because all of the medication is natural i.e. it has been isolated from a natural source. At the end of the day you get relief from your symptoms without having to go under the knife.

Author: Perumal G.

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