Does A Deviated Septum & Obstructive Sleep Apnea Make Exercise Difficult

Deviated Septum & OSA Consequences

Deviated septum causes heavy and obstructive breathing and so does sleep apnea. These two mostly create problem in breathing and makes a sufferer feel uneasy. To do a running exercise, it becomes very necessary to breathe properly and your airway passage must not be blocked as it may create serious problem. A person with such breathing issues undergoes a lot of trouble while performing exercises especially the cardio ones. Having a problem like deviated septum or sleep apnea mostly does not let you run smoothly and thus you quickly feel exhausted and not comfortable in running.

Elderly And Deviated Septum

Well, the problem of deviated septum or sleep apnea can be found in any person of any age. However, it has been seen that the most of the sleep apnea patients are the elderly. Around 25 percent of the elderly people have come up with their complaint of breathing difficulty while sleeping and that is a clear symptom of sleep apnea. The main cause that encourages such disorders to enter in elderly life is that in this age, you start losing muscle tone and these lose muscles create obstruction in airway passage.

Get Accurate Treatment For A Healthy Lifestyle

Exercising is necessary for everyone, especially person who wants to be physically fit and fine. Especially in the old age, you need to stay fit and have to undergo light exercises. Work outs help a person to stay free of all evil illnesses and are blessed with a disease free life. But, if you have deviated septum or sleep apnea type of disorders, then somehow it becomes very tedious and difficult to perform exercises. So, for that purpose, you should immediately get a solution to help you live a healthy life.

Treat Sleep Apnea With CPAP Or BIPAP

If you are suffering from mild condition of sleep apnea, then CPAP or BIPAP are two the best

Deviated Septum Treatments

treatment so far. Many patients of sleep apnea have benefitted from these two remarkable treatments. CPAP which stands for continuous positive airflow pressure is very safe and give results quickly to patients of different ages. While BIPAP is recommended to patients who are suffering from hypercapnic central sleep apnea. This treatment offers breathing pressure to help augment ventilation. This BIPAP treatment is excellent for those who are bearing sleep apnea from long time.

Deviated Septum Treatment With Effective Drugs

Deviated septum can be a big reason that does not let you perform running exercise and that is why; you should instantly get some effective treatment by consulting an ENT specialist. However, there are some effective drugs which are mostly recommended by doctors such as decongestants, nasal steroid sprays, antihistamines which are highly popular medication of today. With regular usage of decongestants, your nasal congestion will reduce and it opens the airways from both sides of the nose that encourages constant breathing. While if you have temporary nasal obstruction due to cough or cold, then antihistamines can work and nasal spray can be used for runny nose or reducing inflammation as well. But it’s always advised that you take your doctor’s advice before taking any above mentioned treatments for sleep apnea and deviated septum.

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