How Nasal Deviation Linked To Anxiety And Depression

Can Deviated Septum Cause Depression Or Anxiety

If you already suffer from deviated septum, you may understand the severity of this disorder. It is a problem causes unexpected health issues wherein anxiety and depression are big ones. The damaged nasal passages can put psychological effect that leads to headaches, nose bleeding and several other problems.  It may detract the life quality of a sufferer and thus, contributes to promote issues for social interaction. The problem of anxiety and depression have found in many patients who have deviated septum. Thus, it is clear that deviated septum can cause anxiety and depression to a patient.

When Deviated Septum Occurs

Mainly this problem occurs when internal nose structure moves to one side. Any unfavorable incident can be a cause of this issue. Sometimes, an accident may lead to septum disorder, or sometimes, any illness may cause this issue. When, deviated septum occurs, it blocks the passages of one side of the nose and thus, the blocked passages cause issues like nosebleeds, headaches, sinus infections and congestion. The problem mainly creates issue in sleeping when one gets difficulty in breathing. Ultimately, it can also cause sleep disorders such as sleep apnea or snoring.

A Bad Figured Nose May Result Into Low Self Esteem

Deviated Septum May Cause Anxiety And Depression

You must be surprised to know that a disfigured nose may become a big reason of low self esteem. But it is true. A nose which positions in the center of face puts a strong influence on the facial appearance and social image creation. It is a fact that body image and personality plays a great role in making self concept. So, having an ugly looking nose may result into lower self esteem and lack of confidence. Such constant feeling can promote anxiety and depression in people having nasal deviation.

Nasal Deformities & Its Consequences In Men & Women

Nasal deformities are completely linked to anxiety and depression because it is related to the personality of an individual. Having an ugly nose makes a person feels harassed all the time and gradually, he or she becomes introvert and more serious about his self image.  The nasal deformities are different in cases of men and women. Mostly, female patient who undergoes rhinoplasty are found more immature, egocentric and impulsive, while men are found stubborn, pessimists, skeptical and rigorous. So, it is found that those who use rhinoplasty suffer from mental issues.

Deviated Septum Is Not Uncommon, But Its Outcomes

No doubt, deviated septum is found in several people and you will hardly find any person who has perfect nose or a nose without deviation. However, the deviation size can be varied, but presence is certain. Though, it is common disorder, but the consequences of deviated septum are rare and very dangerous, somethime. Causing nasal allergies, inflammation and itching are very minor ones, but it causes very severe issues like anxiety and depression which are very dangerous to ones’ life.

Author: A.M.

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