Can A Deviated Septum Cause Headaches

Deviated Septum & Headaches

Deviated septum which is a nasal disorder and it is said that 4 out of 5 people are suffering from this problem today. Many patients of deviated septum have made statement that they have got headaches due to their septum disorder. To learn the intensity of this issue, you must understand what septum exactly is and the meaning of deviated septum. So, septum is called to the partition within left and right sides of the nose. When, the nasal septum gets injured or damaged due to any accident, it is called deviated septum. The issue of deviated septum is common and it does not cause serious internal issue, but only it deforms the nose shape.

Number Of Reasons Behind Deviated Septum

The reasons are many that cause deviated septum. The first and most common reason for deviated septum is any facial injury or accident in which nose gets badly damaged. This problem is varied in person to person. In some people, you can easily find out septum disorder by observing disfigure nose and its shape.  But in some cases, the problem is very minor and that is why; it becomes difficult to find out if one is suffering from deviated septum.  Sometimes any facial surgery, traumatic birth or any injury can be reasons of this issue.

Headaches Are Major Symptom Of Deviated Septum

Deviated Septum Can Cause Headache

Headaches are instant symptom of deviated septum. Usually, the sufferer who have deviated septum issue suffers from headaches. It is because of the internal facial structure which connects nose to head. So, when nose gets stressed; it automatically put stress on head and eventually, headaches begin. The deviated septum mainly creates problem in breathing and obstructs the smooth airflow to brain. The lack of oxygen to brain also encourages headache to person who has this issue.  Thus, it is clearly seen that headaches are big symptom of deviated septum problem.

Can Surgery For Deviated Septum Help Headaches

Many people who suffer from this problem believe that surgery can benefit them in treating headaches. Living with constant headaches makes life hell indeed and thus, at such condition, one seeks an accurate solution to eradicate such symptoms like headaches. So, if you choose surgery to get rid of the unwanted consequences of deviated septum like headaches, then there are chances that you soon get free from headaches and other problems associated with deviated septum. The surgery for this problem can mainly be found in two ways. It is a deep process, so you must visit a doctor to get any suitable surgery.

How Deviated Septum Encourages Headaches

As it is known that sinus infections are one of various consequences of deviated septum. When this infection develops, it ultimately causes unbearable inflammation. The relationship between upper sinuses and nose in deviated septum becomes thinner and the nasal passages get completely occluded. When these passages get blocked, the pressure starts building up in sinuses which become hard to eradicate. Due to these pressures, generally headaches occur. The headaches in the case of deviated septum mostly exist around eyebrows and are very sharp. So, one feels quite uncomfortable with such headaches.

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