A Few Q&A Regarding Surgical & Non-Surgical Cures for a Deviated Septum

Is a Non-Surgical Cure available for a Deviated Septum?


If your septum is majorly deviated or deformed, surgery is the only option. In the future a liquid may be invented, which when injected into the nose dissolves the cartilage, thus allowing surgeons to change the shape of the septum to remove any deviation. While research is being done on this topic, as of today for a major deformity no non surgical cure exists.

Can the new 15-minute Nose Jobs which Use Injections of Botox Work?

The new non-invasive, non-surgical procedures which use injections of materials such as Botox and Restylane to shape the nose will work for those who are interested in shaping their nose, those looking to remove any bumps from the surface of their nose.

Non-surgical nose job-Before&After

If you simply want to change the shape of your nose to make it more appealing, you can use the above procedure instead of a deviated septum surgery. Ask your doctor for alternative therapies such as the above, if you are eligible, the procedure is relatively simple and painless and it provides the same results as a rhinoplasty.

When you undergo treatment for a deviated septum, your doctor will suggest a combination of septoplasty (to cure the side effects) and a rhinoplasty (to make the nose look more appealing). If you are eligible, you can replace the rhinoplasty by the 15-min nose job. But you cannot replace the septoplasty procedure.

The above nose job will simply remove any unevenness of the nose. It will not remove the cartilage which actually causes the deviated septum.

Should I Undergo Surgery for a Congested Nose?

If you only suffer from nasal congestion, contact your doctor. He or she will prescribe you a steroid spray or an anti-histamine spray, you can also try the over the counter Breath Right Strips. If none of the above work, then you will have to undergo surgery to treat your deviated septum, thereby removing the congestion.

Author: Perumal G.

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