What is a Submucosal Resection or SMR?

If you suffer from a deviated nasal septum, depending on the severity of the deviation, you will face a number of problems such as:

  • Nose bleeds
  • Recurring sinus infections
  • Headaches
  • Severe nasal congestion
  • Snoring

The only permanent cure available for this condition is surgery. If you have visited an ENT specialist, he or she would have suggested a Septoplasty or a Submucosal Resection as a cure, depending on the amount of deviation.

Ever wondered what exactly is a Submucosal Resection?

SMR is a surgery performed on your nose if you suffer from a deviated septum. However this type of surgery is not always performed, usually a septoplasty will be done, but if you suffer from chronic sinus infections or if you have not responded to other treatments then SMR may be done.

This surgery is usually done in the same day itself, and it will be completed within a few hours. Basically it is a low-invasive procedure which will

After picture of a Submucosal Resection

completely cure your symptoms. After the surgery you may be asked to spend a night in the hospital itself for recovery, but most people are sent home the same day itself.

During the surgery, the surgeon will cut out and remove the vertical part of the bone and the outer part of the soft turbinate tissue. Following which, the inner part of the skin is folded over and dressed to allow healing. After the completion of the procedure, your turbinates will be half of the original size.

After a Submucosal Resection

After the surgery is done, you may suffer from the following complications:

  • After surgery bleeding for the first 24 hours
  • Infections
  • Complications due to anesthesia
  • Stuffy nose for a week after surgery

But all of the above conditions will go away after some time, and you will be free from any of the conditions caused by a deviated nasal septum. If you suffer from only a minor deviation and the only symptoms you face are congestion and snoring, then there is no need to undergo this procedure. While the surgery may be costly and you may have to suffer some amounts of pain during the beginning, it will pay off in the long term.

Author: Perumal G.

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