What Type Of Anesthesia Is Used For Deviated Septum Surgery

Deviated Septum Surgery & Anesthesia Types

In case, you are bearing the critical condition of deviated septum that has disfigured your nose or face, then the mostly recommended treatment is surgery. This surgery is called septoplasty which is done under an ENT expert in an operation theatre. For this surgery, surgeons either use sedation anesthesia or general anesthesia. After administering any anesthesia, the patient gets injected with numbing medicine. The effect of these medicines last in couple hours. Once a patient gets released from Anesthesia’s effect, he is allowed to go to his home.

Sedation Anesthesia

Under this kind of sedation anesthesia, septoplasty or septorhinoplasty, both surgeries can be performed. It entirely depends on the anesthetist or surgeon that how painful this anesthesia will be. Therefore, to perform this task, a skillful anesthetist can do a good job. To correct deviated septum, sedation anesthesia is a successful method; however it requires deep knowledge and expertise. In case, the sedation amount is too low, then the patient can become aware while surgery, and if much amount of sedation is used, then it can be very dangerous for patient’s life.

General Anesthesia


Other type of anesthesia which is used in septoplasty or deviated septum surgery is general anesthesia. With this kind of anesthesia, the risk factor is highly low. It renders a patient unconscious. To administer general anesthesia, an anesthesiologist uses an intratracial tube or gas form with mask. With this effect, a patient becomes easily unconscious and goes in deep sleep. Thus, he does not feel any pain or activities performed during surgery. To get effect, the anesthesiologist applies the smallest dose that turns a person unaware. However, the dosage is varied depends upon age, weight and height of the patient.

What Is The Role Of Anesthesia In Deviated Septum Surgery

Not only deviated septum surgery, but in all kind of surgeries, anesthesia has a great relevance. While performing any surgical process, a patient has to bear intense pain when a surgeon cuts his body parts. This condition can be unbearable for a patient, if the surgery is performed in his awareness. Using anesthesia, surgeons make a patient totally unaware or unconscious. Thus, they do not feel anything whatever happens with them while surgery. Similarly, when a person wants to correct his deviated septum through surgery, the ENT specialists firstly administer anesthesia to perform surgery in better way.

How Does Anesthesia Work?

For deviated septum surgery, the anesthesia comes in gas or IV anesthesia form. While using gas form, it starts behaving oxygen and after that through a tube or mask, anesthesia gets nebulized. After that, a device for breathing is inserted through a hole in patient’s mouth and in back throat it gets fit that closes the esophagus and joins the trachea. To help patient breath finely, a tube endotrachial is inserted when he falls asleep. So, by all these ways, anesthesia works. Thus, with its impact in some moments, a patient becomes completely unaware about what is going on while deviated septum surgery.

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