Can Chronic Sinusitis Cause Hearing Loss

Sinus Complications Include Hearing Loss

Chronic sinusitis does not last in shorter time interval, but it takes around 8 weeks to eliminate. When it lasts after that long interval, a patient feels as he or she gets free of it for forever, but it is not so. The problem of chronic sinusitis returns frequently and then again it takes same period to last. In that condition, a person mostly remains under sinus complications and many people have highlighted hearing loss as one of sinus complications. Medically, sinusitis affects sinus cavity which is also named as para-nasal sinuses. These cavities exist near the nose bones and in the mid area of eyes. People with chronic sinusitis have to bear temporary loss of hearing and if it is not being treated up, it may turn into permanent disorder.

A Thorough Study Of Sinusitis & Sinus Complications

The study for sinusitis will enable you to learn how critical this disorder actually is. Sinusitis can start from common bacterial infection, cold, allergy or fungal infections. Sometimes, it causes tooth extraction which is one of the rare and complicated sinus complications. Mainly sinusitis is categories in two types which are chronic and acute sinusitis. Typically, sinus complications include sinus headaches, coughing, nasal congestion and runny nose. Sometimes, acute sinusitis can lead a patient towards hearing loss. Still, one should learn that acute sinusitis will not cause deafness; however hearing will be normal when sinusitis will eliminate.

Chronic Sinusitis Can Damage Hearing Power

Chronic Sinusitis Can Encourage Permanent Hearing Loss

Chronic sinusitis will keep on troubling a person for longer period has capability to damage hearing power of a person completely. Although, permanent hearing loss occurs in rare cases, yet if one ignores chronic sinusitis and does not get right treatment, then it can happen for sure. In most cases, it happens in condition when sinusitis causes other sinus complications like ear problems. At times, when sinus infection spreads in the ear of the patient, then hearing loss can occur. At that time, the infection targets middle ear at the first.

Sinus Inflammation Can Affect Hearing

When sinusitis occurs, it generally causes intense inflammation to sinuses by which eardrums gets pressure on which hearing is connected. The fluid discharge from sinuses increases this pressure. At condition, when fluid accumulates near the ear drums, then the middle ear becomes swollen and gets completely blocked. Thus, the pressure to ear drums increases every bit and the patient starts experiencing hearing loss and pain. Sometimes, the hearing can be restored in case fluids get drained away. At such situation, sinusitis gets subsequently cured. This entire process promotes hearing loss caused by chronic sinusitis.

Hearing Loss – A Sinus Complication Can Be Cured With Sinusitis Treatment

Indeed, to cure hearing loss, one should get sinusitis cured. Treat up sinusitis before it starts damaging your hearing power and don’t let it spread in your ear if you don’t want to get hearing loss. To diagnose sinusitis, one can go for X-ray or physical examination. To judge the infection and its extent, sometimes, doctors recommend CT scan. Testing the accumulated fluid in the ear can also help doctors to detect infection type and recommend the best medication for relief.

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