Jwoww Nose Job – True or Not

Trying to find information about celebrity nose jobs? Read on to find out about the Jwoww nose job.

Who is Jwoww?

Jenni Jennifer Farley also known as jwoww is an American television actor who achieved instant stardom around the US and the globe for her TV series “Jersey Shore”. Initially a graphic designer cum club promoter from New York, she just auditioned for the role in Jersey Shore for the heck of it. But she got selected and the rest is history. Along with Jersey Shore Jwoww has also:

  • Written and published a book
  • Designed a clothing line
  • Other television shows

When did Jwoww Get Rhinoplasty?

It is speculated that the Jwoww nose job has been done before the fourth season of Jersey shore. This is because the shape and size of Jwoww’s nose was bigger in season 3 and it has changed for the better in season four of the hit television series.

Celebrity Nose Jobs – Jwoww Nose Job Before & After

Jwoww Nose Job- Before and After

Jwoww’s nose has changed from a fat nose to a smaller and sleeker form. From the picture you can clearly see that prior to season four, she had a relatively fat nose. But in the second picture you can see that her nose has become smaller and refined. This new nose of Ms. Jwoww’s makes her look even more stunning and truly suits her. But unlike other celebrity nose jobs, she states that her nose is a product of exercise and dieting and not because of going under the knife. I believe she is telling the truth since earlier she had no problem telling the world that she had undergone a procedure to change her breasts. If she can be truthful about that, then I believe she would have accepted getting a nose job. Either way from the photos you will notice that while it has become thinner, the structure of the nose remains the same. The Jwoww nose job, true or flase you decide?

Author: Perumal G.

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