Sinusitis Complications

Necessary Information About Sinusitis

Are you having itching or inflammation in your nostrils? Do you have stuffy nose? Do you suffer from fever occasionally? Is cough and flue staying up longer than ever with you? If all such issues are there in your life, then believe me, you are suffering from sinusitis for sure. These symptoms are certain indications for sinusitis. When a person suffers from sinusitis, it causes swelling and inflammation around sinuses lining. It may be a cause of bacterial infection or viral. In sinusitis, one suffers from tenderness around face, pain and high temperature. The stuffy nose causes heavy breathing and uneasiness to patient. This issue affects people of all ages.

Understand The Sinuses & Its Structure

The study for sinuses and its structure in essential to learn its relation with various complications caused by sinusitis. So, in human body, there are four sinuses pairs in head.  The details for four of the pairs are as below:

  • A sinus pair behind the forehead
  • A sinus pair at one side of nose bridge or lining
  • A sinus pair behind cheekbones
  • A sinus pair behind the eyes

So, these are four pairs of sinuses and when sinusitis occurs, it affects all parts that come under sinuses. This relation shows that sinusitis may cause pain in forehead, nose, nasal airways, eyes and cheeks.

Bacterial Sinusitis & Complications Related To It

Although, bacterial sinusitis is not much harmful, yet it causes uncomfortable condition and pain. The severe episodes of bacterial sinusitis can be controlled with the use of antibiotics. But sometimes, it becomes quite serious and at that point, managing this condition becomes very difficult indeed. The complications of bacterial sinusitis include osteomyelitis which is quite complicated disorder. This is an infection of forehead and facial bones. In this issue, the patient experiences swelling, fever and headache. In addition to osteomyelitis, bacterial sinusitis complications include eye socket infection, brain infection and blood clot.

Brain Infection A Severe Complication Caused By Sinusitis

In human body, brain is a critical part. It helps smooth functioning of all other body parts. So, when sinusitis causes brain infection, it may affect overall functions of the body. For such reason, brain infection is considered as the most critical sinusitis complication. This infection spreads inside the brain through anaerobic Bactria. It may also spread in blood vessels or bones. The severe results of this infection are meningitis, abscesses and so on. These issues may cause intense headache, great personality change, visual issues, seizures, coma, poor consciousness and sometimes death.

Asthma – A Dangerous Complication Of Sinusitis

Although the exact relation between Asthma and sinusitis is yet not cleared. Still, several studies have suggested shared or casual relation between two of them. This combination mainly has seen among children. To eradicate this condition, treatment for sinusitis and allergic rhinitis can be used as it can eliminate asthma symptoms. It is very important to get treatment for bacterial sinusitis with asthma. Asthma will not be managed until you clear up bacterial infection first. So, it is one of the complicated sinusitis complications and to treat it up, one should get right treatment from a competent doctor.

Author: A.M.

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